Monday, August 5, 2013

Nordstrom Sale-Shopping a Great End-of-Summer Outfit

Hey! Did you see that Nordstrom is still having their summer sale? I've seen it on a few blogs, but I kind of assumed that I had missed the boat. But, I didn't! I will preface my favorites by saying two things: many items have limited sizes left BUT read the reviews because Nordstrom shoppers seem to be very dedicated about reviewing their clothes, and you might need to size up or down even by 2 sizes.

This is an easy format for a great outfit.

Start here.

These two pants are the perfect end-of-summer length. Either could be worn down or cuffed, with flats or wedges. The bottom style shows off the the butt with those back pockets. I don't think mint is too spring-y to buy now; just wear it with neutrals or fall colors (orange!) as the summer winds down.

 Add a fun "t-shirt." I mean that loosely.

The shirt above is technically a t-shirt, but it's so much better! This shirt with those pants almost kills it for me, but if you can ignore the pants then the top is actually great. This kind of detail in the back adds a little style to office clothing-or playground clothing! But, I'm thinking that this seems a bit tight across the chest and might be better for a smaller chest.  

Or add a loose, comfortable t-shirt in a contrasting color. 

I love the contrast of wearing a boyfriend tee with a more structured bottom, like the chinos above. Of course we can all wear jeans or black pants like these two are doing, but I love when women tuck a baggy shirt into a pencil skirt or throw a structured blazer on top. 

Most of us have t-shirts that we love and would love to wear everyday. These two alternatives capture the ease of wearing a t-shirt but add a bit more style. Both could be dressed up or down with a skirt (I would love to see these in a monochromatic look with a skirt or pants in the same color family) or blazer or funked up with skinny jeans and ankle boots for the fall. 

Top it with a blazer. And ohhhhh, the blazers themselves could take up an entire post! Here are some favorites.
This blazer comes in a few colors, and it looks so adorable! The double buttons are good for those of us with bigger boobs, and the sleeves are a nice length to show off bracelets or pull the sleeve of another shirt through. 

 Go wild and swap your pants for a dress. I love this for fall with one of the blazers above.

Or, keep this in your office or take it with you to the movies for when you get chilly and your "t-shirt" layer isn't enough.

This is fleece. I have a friend who will die that I'm advocating for fleece after all the crap I gave her about her fleece addiction, but there it is! I like the button, the drape, and the fact that it would keep you warm in the office or at the movies.

Happy dressing!

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