Thursday, January 22, 2015

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things Blogs

One of my best friends is always cracking me up by saying "I didn't know such things existed!" It's kind of a running joke that we now apply to most anything useful. It started with blogs about clothing and fashion-she didn't know they existed! Well, in case you don't know about some of my favorite blogs, I want to share a few with you today. These are the blogs that I read regularly, that I turn to like a familiar friend, and I think you might enjoy them, too. Some are even written by my in-real-life friends, too!

Keiko Lynn

Via Keiko Lynn

Keiko Lynn is a well-known blogger, but in case you haven't heard of her, you must visit her site! She's my favorite blogger to read when I feel like I'm in a rut, wearing the same things or seeing the same things on every site. Here she is dressed up to go to Disney, for example. I love it! She has incredible makeup tutorials, too, and she has the best style. Even though it's not my style, she always inspires me to wear something more fun.  Think modern vintage style that you can borrow elements from no matter what your look.

Faith, Hope, Love & Luck Survive Despite A Whiskered Accomplice.

This blog is written by my dear friend, and it should be your go-to place for recipes when you want everyone to love what you've made and be really impressed. Her recipes are manageable but pack a huge flavor punch. Think things like multiple incredible variations on deviled eggs, "Blow Your Kilt Off" samosa ice cream, and endless wisecracks about her wild cat.

Two Blue Lemons.

Via Two Blue Lemons
Two Blue Lemons is written by my cousin, actually, and it's the most amazing blend of good-for-you food and images of their life on Martha's Vineyard, where they live full time. Her recipes, like Moroccan lentil stew with sweet potatoes or dark chocolate pudding with coconut, always make me stop and say "I want to have THAT for dinner tonight." For me, they're easy to adapt to gluten free and dairy free, and she often indicates how to make those swaps. This is where you want to go for family-friendly, vegetarian, soulful meals.

LaTonya Yvette

LaTonya's blog is a new one for me; I saw her on Cup of Jo earlier this week, and I have been reading her past entries like a fiend. Her incredible style and sense of place living in NYC have caught me in a way that few blogs have lately. I can't get enough of her. Think bright, colorful clothing and homey, small space living in the wonderland that is New York.

What about you? I'd love to know what inspires you on the web.

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  1. Awww! Thanks Ella! You made me smile this morning with this!