Thursday, January 8, 2015

It's Raining Men! (Hallelujah)

It's Raining Men! (Hallelujah)

I mean...sometimes you just want to think about men's fashion, am I right?! So I'll give you a moment...

Ok, ready?

Recently, I did some personal styling for a client's husband. I don't usually style men, but I will make exceptions when the wife is on board. It sounds old-fashioned to say that, but it's really true. Most women are interested in what their husband wears.

I found some incredible upgrades for the basics that men typically wear, ways to look and feel a bit more stylish while not taking any huge fashion risks. I thought you might be interested to see them, hear about the fashion, too!

The henley above is on sale and a great example of how to upgrade the basic long sleeved tshirt. I love the heather because it adds a little visual interest, and I love the buttons and front pocket. I will note, though, that a front pocket can be unflattering on men with more, let's call it volume in the chest region. It's best for a man with a flatter chest. Here's another cool option without the pocket.

If he's looking for short sleeves, I love this t-shirt. It's cool, would go with anything, and is not a boring plain tee.

I love a man in denim, and I love this shirt. It comes in XS-XXXL and Tall online, too. Regular men could wear it with anything, and adventurous ones with a darker denim jean. If he's more woodsy than cowboy, try this gorgeous plaid.

And for any man who needs to swap out his college sweatshirts or company fleece jackets every now and then, I love this jacket, but it's only left in S, M, L online. If he's wanting something more stylish for indoor wear, what about this gorgeous cashmere cotton sweater or this cool collar sweater? Wanting something more substantial for outdoors that's still gorgeous? This jacket. For the win.

Do you want more men's ideas? I could talk about dressing up a bit more next time? Let me know. Want more inspiration now? I've got a Pinterest board for you.

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