Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Fleece Lined Tights

Fleece Lined Tights

You can tell in the mirror shots above that this is what I wore to work recently (there's my badge and all!), and I have to tell you that it was the most cozy, warmest outfit ever.  First, my new boots, which I'll write about soon. Then, fleece lined leggings, which are really the thinness of tights. Mine are LL Bean, but they're sold out in black online. Reviews seem positive on these footless ones from Amazon, too. I've worn these or Wolford tights almost every day lately, under skirts, dresses, maxi dresses, etc. They are warmer than jeans on a cold day. 

Then, a full skirt I got years ago from Gap, then a cashmere sweater I got on Black Friday at Off Fifth, then an old blazer from Urban Outfitters, then a scarf from Anthropologie last year. It's a lot of layers, and it keeps me warm in my freezing office. Really, if you live somewhere like Virginia where it gets cold, I'd highly recommend that you get some warm tights and layer them up with all of your warmest things. 

And, no, this is not a paid ad. I just care about your warmth! 

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