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Reader Question: Where Can I Find Great Boots for Wide Calves?

Reader Question: Where Can I Find Great Boots for Wide Calves?

When I posted about boots for narrow calves, Kate commented to ask me about boots for wider calves. I'm so glad that you did, Kate, because I have done some searching in the past for personal shopping clients, but I hadn't posted anything about it here! Thank you!
Here are some of my favorite sources for where to find boots that will fit stronger, wider calves than the average boot. First, where to go and how to find them. 
 Nordstrom is where I always start looking for shoes or boots of any kind because they have stylish choices that are neither too trendy nor too old-fashioned. Search by "wide calf." I sometimes look at Nordstrom and then look to find a cheaper alternative if I'm not 100% sure on the choice. Next I'd go to Zappos to see what they have. Both places offer free shipping both ways so it's kind of like shopping at home. Search for "wide calf" on Zappos, too. I don't recommend going super cheap if you're looking for a wide calf boot since you want quality and something that will last. Remember, if you wear a $50 boot for one season it's not cheaper than wearing a $200 boot for 8 years.

You can do the same for Macy's and DSW. Now is a perfect time to buy boots because there are so many winter sales going on. I also strongly recommend that you make a mental note to shop for boots for next fall/winter this spring because once the weather gets warm, they'll go on deep sale. 

My Choices for Tall Wide Calf Boots

Ok so I love this boot by Naturalizer, thiscustomer favorite in black, this expensive looking little
brown by Fitzwell, a brand that I love, this sassy little number also from Naturalizer, this gorgeous one by Born, I love the details on this Naturalizer, and there's nothing better than a great wedge boot! If you're looking to invest in a boot that will last, try this Frye boot that actually got high marks in comfort, which can sometimes be an issue for that brand. This is a great basic that will be in style for forever, and don't forget a Hunter boot, too.
For what they're calling an "extra wide calf," what about this classic riding style boot?

Mid Height Boots I Love

Sole Society
You might also consider boots that don't hit the calf at all. Mid height boots are very modern and a bit more trendy than knee height boots. Here are a few of my favorites in this style.Sole Society has the most gorgeous shoes, and this boot is no exception. If you like the look of that one, do check out the rest of their boots because they're gorgeous. If you need a bit more warmth, but not too much since you're in New Orleans, Kate!, then what about these beauties by Sorel?

Don't Forget Short boots!

Short boots, or booties, are here to stay and worth an investment. I find them to be farm more comfortable to wear under pants, and I absolutely wear them with skirts, too. I like to wear tights with booties, though, since I think they can cut off your ankles if you don't link the feet to the legs.

Try these gorgeous boots from Sundance or these really cool ones that look very fresh, or these
incredible mocs! If you want some height instead, my goodness are these ever gorgeous! These Clarks are a great basic wedge that you could wear with everything. And on a more funky note, I'm in love with the Tom desert wedge high booties in every color, including the metallics. They would transition well into spring, too!

So that's it! I hope you guys found some fun boots if you're looking. Comment away if you have other questions I can answer for you!

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