Monday, January 26, 2015

My Secret Accessories Spot

My Secret Accessories Spot

Want to know where I buy most of my favorite scarves, earrings, and accessories? World Market. I know-so random, right? I'm not talking about heirloom quality or fine jewelry or anything here, obviously, but I've found that World Market consistently has affordable pieces that I like. They're a bit hippie, sort of "gathered," like you had actually traveled to Indonesia or India or Morocco over the weekend to find a few pairs of earrings. 

I went there this weekend in search of a comfy chair for guests to my new office, and these are some of the favorite things that I spotted. 

The scarves above are divine because they're inexpensive and relatively good quality. I recommend that you take a scarf from here home, wash it gently, and iron it flat. I'd like for their scarves to be a bit bigger than they are in width, and ironing them helps. 

World Market has recently started carrying more clothing, and it's really interesting. I particularly like their kaftans. They're thin, perfect for the beach or lounging around at home. Anyone pregnant this summer should check them out because they'd be perfect.

Then there's the jewelry. My ears are extremely sensitive, and I've found that I can't really wear their silver, but the golds are just fine for me.  Be aware if you're sensitive, too, and don't buy more than one pair before trying them out in your ears.

I like some of their more unusual smaller earrings for work to funk up some of my business casual outfits. It helps remind me that I'm not always a professional, I just play one at work.

Then there are a bunch of bags that they carry that would be perfect for doing just that-making a basic t-shirt and jeans or all one color outfit much more interesting. I have a backpack from World Market that I use to carry stuff on my bike, for example, because it won't matter if it gets some strawberry juice on it or something.

Today, they had beautiful clutches and also little drawstring bags.

I also got some things for my gift closet. I have corner of my craft room closet where I put things that interest me throughout the year; then, when it comes time for a co-worker's birthday or a hostess gift for a friend, I don't have to go searching for something last minute. I already have them in my closet! 

For my gift closet, I got Mclures Blood Mary mixes,  mango salsa, and a dipped Mason jar vase. I also got a trifle bowl (is that the right word?) and a book of People's Pops for myself so now, of course, I'm dreaming of the trifles and pops I'll make in the coming weeks and months! 

I hope you had a great weekend and have a nice start to your week! This week, I'm looking forward to hosting some of my husband's work friends for dinner at our house. What about you?

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  1. I love World Market! Haven't tried their earrings yet because my ears are sensitive but I've seen lots of cute ones.
    We spent a great weekend at the farm, going over to our friends' house for dinner and games. Oh how we laughed! Perfect weather too. Hope you have a wonderful week!