Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Best of the Anthropologie Sale

My favorite store to browse and rarely purchase anything from, Anthropologie, is having their annual winter tag sale. This is the time when I often actually buy something because suddenly it's much more affordable to buy that gorgeous wear a couple times a year piece! My husband has watched me walk around there petting things too often, and he got me a gift card there in December. I had a sneak peek of some of my favorite items from their sale and thought I'd share them with you!

One of my favorite things this season is a long, blanket-like sweater. Anthro excels in this look and has the most gorgeous patterns. What one of these does for your wardrobe is transform basics (jeans, tshirts, button downs, solid color dresses, pencil skirts) into the perfect canvas to let one of these beauties shine. What if you wore monochrome (all navy under the blue? all shades of winter white under the red-themed one?) and one of these?

Another thing I love about their clothing is the detail of each pice. I love the patterns, sure, but it's the neutrals with texture that really draw me in. I really struggled to pick between the navy or the cream lace top here, and ultimately went cream because I knew I wanted to wear it over my plain white button down shirts.

The scoop is quite low so I went down a size, and I would wear this over a tank, of course.

The two neutral sweaters I tried on were a bit off. I loved the "can you throw it over your shoulder" vibe on this one, but the back was too short for my liking. I prefer to feel warm and cozy, and this felt like my lower back was in the breeze.

And this one was confusing, too, although I do like it. The front was great...

but that little side slit wasn't doing it for me. It would make a great postpartum and/or nursing sweater, though!

The next two really show what you want in a blanket sweater: coziness, length, and the ability to wear it several ways.

This is the perfect type of sweater to keep on the back of your desk chair to cozy up with in a cold office, don't you think?

I didn't like this next sweater very much, but I know that it would look better on a taller woman. The ruffle lace hit me a bit too low. You'll see I tucked it in with the plaid pants.

Those faux leather leggings were pretty amazing, but too bunchy around my knees. If you're looking for a pair, however, they were a great feel for fake leather!

And, finally, the most adorable pants. I did not buy these! I'm kicking myself looking at them now again, but they were a very thin material, and I just knew I'd freeze in them. If I had tights with me to try them on underneath, I might have gotten them, but they felt like they'd have been too clingy on top of tights. If you live somewhere warmer, these are adorable! 

My other favorites that are on double sale right now? This feather top (layer it under a thick sweater and just let the feathers hang down), these amazing polka dot pants, and this faux fur stole (wear it over a jean or leather jacket).


  1. Funnily enough I loved the sweater with the slit. Really cute over a vest top. I liked the red, white and blue blanket thingy but only when swung over your shoulder. It feels to me like one of those things I want to wear with teeny cashmere shorts and giant fluffy socks in my Swiss ski chalet. You know, when I turn into a Victoria's Secret model :-)