Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Bras That Don't Squeeze You

Bras That Don't Squeeze You

David Whyte, the poet and author whose poem inspired the name of this blog and my business, says something funny in one of his CDs; he says a woman once came to hear him read and speak and told him that she'd put her bra back on to come out and hear him. He was confused, and she explained what all women know-once your bra is off for the night, it's unlikely you're going anywhere! He was honored once he understood.

I've been suffering with a different sort of problem, you see. I've been undoing my bra left and right-mostly while driving home-but sometimes in less convenient places, too. I found that no matter how many times I got a bra fitting (even with the new, more accurate way of bra fitting!), my bras just seemed too tight! Do you ever feel like you're in a vice grip, like you can't breathe? I did. I even got a nursing tank top one time to wear down to New Orleans under my clothes because that was the only thing I could figure out that wouldn't press on my shoulders (like a sports bra) and had a band that I could shift around on my sides and back so that it wouldn't squeeze me. 

Then, about a month ago, I tried on a bra (actually a "bralette") in a very unlikely place: American Eagle. So random, I know! But it had something I thought could work-really wide sides. I ended up buying this one with the racerback and another with the adjustable back. I prefer the adjustable because you can hook the little hook it has and make it a racerback, but sometimes that hurts my shoulders and so you can undo it, too. Also, the straps show under some of my shirts with the racerback. I like them so much that I bought two more adjustables this weekend. 

Now, let me be clear. This is a wireless, unlined bra without padding. It's not super smooth under clothing. But, it's very comfortable. Check the sizing online if you get one. They go from XS-XXL. I went up one size from my tshirt size, but I didn't want any tightness around my back at all. My regular tshirt size fit me but just a bit tight. It might be worth going to try one one if you're considering it. 

I think this style bralette would be a great at home bra for most women, even if you want more support outside of the house. And, I've searched around for a variety of sizes for us since originally all I could find were for A-B cups. Which, if you are a AA-A cup, this is so gorgeous! And this one! 

Hanky Panky makes incredibly soft underwear, and I bet their bralette would be incredible; I love those wide bands around the front and back! I'm seeing them at a few stores like this one for A and B cups at Neiman Marcus and this one by Free People for A and B cups at Nordstrom. I love the look of this one, best for A-C cups at Nordstrom, too. Modcloth has some adorable ones, like this one that's out of stock but worth checking back in for! 

Torrid sells a crop lace bralette with a lot more structure in sizes 1-3, but it still sits nice and low on the body so I think it would similarly take pressure off the mid back. They also make a push up style that has a thick band, too. Very sexy! 

If you're having middle back pain, I'd strongly recommend that you try out one of these easy bralettes even if it's just at home. 

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