Thursday, August 1, 2013

High-Waisted Bikinis: Would you wear one?

Fashion Challenge

Would you wear a high-waisted bikini? I used to dismiss this style as available only to very petite and/or skinny woman with flat bellies and smooth sides. But! I may be changing my mind. I have recently worn high-waisted underwear, which I also used to hate, and found them to be far more flattering than I imagined they'd be. Which got me thinking about the bikinis again-maybe more of us can wear them than we think?

I think they look best with a strapless top because the small top helps to even out the fabric on the bottom, which is limiting for those of us who like to, you know, move around. But then I saw these ideas:

I'm not sure the cups in the left photo are the best fit for her, but I like the straps in both of these pictures. The black suit could easily work for someone with a larger cup size, too, as long as it had underwire. I also like that wide band in the tribal print because one of the things that's hard about high-waisted styles is that the waistband can cut into our sides, which is just uncomfortable.

My favorite idea is a faux high wasit bikini, like these!

Also, it's not high-waisted at all, but in keeping with the vintage theme, this is a great suit! The less crazy popular chevron becomes, the more I like it again!

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What do you think-would you wear one? If you do, email me a picture at startclosein at!


  1. I am wearing an anthropologie high waisted suit these days. The green one. I'm not sure if my belly will look unsaggy when I finish losing the baby weight but if not, it will be high waists till I get a tummy tuck. ;) Also have a pair of high waist underwear that I love. Calvin Klein from Nordstrom rack