Friday, August 23, 2013

Personal Shopping Trip: Sneak Peek

Personal Shopping Trip: Sneak Peek

Tomorrow I'm taking a coworker friend shopping for what is essentially a new wardrobe! One of my favorite services to offer women is a personal shopping trip. While she doesn't have an unlimited budget, she hasn't set aside much time for herself for a long time, and, in her words, her clothes are feeling "uninspired." She's a mother to three adult children- and now a grandmother! She wants to feel more professional and also comfortable. I can't wait.

It was important to pick the right places for us to shop. We decided on Kohls, JCPenney (all of the tops you see are JCP!), and Macys, since they have lots of choices for sizes and are affordable. We might make it to TJMaxx if she's feeling comfortable with me since that store tends to overwhelm her, which I hear from a lot of people.

I'll share some pictures for you soon so check back! And let me know if you'd like me to help you shop for any new items.


I had a question about where to find blazers, and I found a few cute ones while pre-shopping on I like the ruffles on the black blazer above because the look is not quite as serious as a typical black blazer. Wear it with skirts, over a dress, or even with an edgier jeans look. The gray boyfriend blazer above (also Kohls) is perfection. Wear it with a tshirt, a flowy top for contrast, or over a maxi dress during these end-of-summer days.

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