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Q&A: What can I get for a pregnant friend?

Q&A: What can I get for a pregnant friend to help her feel her best?

This is a great question that I've heard a few times and even asked myself. Most of us are pretty comfortable buying adorable gifts for the baby, but it's hard to figure out what to give our pregnant friends or, even harder, co-workers! We want to get them something to let them know how happy we are for them, but we're not sure what. I'm excited to interrupt our fashion fest to introduce you to a company that has some ideas for us: Baby Bump Bundle. I hope you enjoy their insights!

Plus, visit their blog today to see my favorite maternity picks for Fall featured on What to Wear Wednesdays!



What is Baby Bump Bundle?

A company that curates gift boxes, or as we call them “bundles,” for mom-to-be by trimester, baby, and nursing moms. Here are a few things we are featuring right now in our online shop where you can build your own bundle!

Any tips for maternity or motherhood fashion?

In regards to maternity fashion, have fun with it! People feel very differently about their body during pregnancy. Some love their bump and show it off with fitted clothing and others feel self conscious and can’t stand the weight gain. It is all about being confident in who you are though and staying true to your style before baby. Try to utilize what you already have so you don’t have to spend too much money but also have fun with shopping for go-to pieces like maternity jeans or leggings with flowy tops so you are comfortable but stylish. Jazz up sometimes boring maternity clothes with scarves and fun jewelry like sparkly earrings and you are sure to look and feel fabulous! (Start Close in Note: I love those scarves-you could even twist them together to wear both the leopard and the pink together!)

Why did you start the company?  What need did you want to fill?

Baby Bump Bundle was born when co-founder Mairead was pregnant in the spring of 2012. One of her friends put together the first Bundle without even realizing it! It was filled with ice cream, pickles, stretch mark cream and other assorted goodies for the pregnant woman. It was such a thoughtful idea and it occurred to Mairead that all pregnant women would love to receive a little something for themselves, and she shared her feelings with Michelle, who agreed how unique and special gifts for pregnant women could be.

Yes it is amazing when friends and family gift the necessities for baby like diapers and baby bottles at the shower, but what about mom-to-be when she is going through such an exciting yet emotional and challenging time of her life? And so Baby Bump Bundle came into being with a mission of creating Bundles for pampering pregnant women, with both fun and functional items. We have a Bundle for each trimester (available by subscription or just single boxes), a BabyBundle for when the baby arrives (in various sizes including small, regular, or large for twins), and for nursing mothers, a BreastfeedingBundle as well. And coming soon, a fitness focused box for health-conscious expecting women!

Any advice about starting a business?

Utilize free resources where you can! There are plenty of small business centers, blogs with a focus on providing tips for new entrepreneurs with free newsletters, and places like SCORE, that can help you to put together a business plan. Make sure you set realistic goals and map out how much money you need to make the business happen and another thing is to always expect that you will need to pay experts for something and that is OK- you don’t need to do it all or you might get too bogged down and overwhelmed. Whether it is for website design, accounting, or wherever, it is worth it to get aspects of your business you are not skilled in, done correctly and efficiently! 

Tell us a bit more about your products!

What we like to do provide the mom-to-be with a mix of items that cater to what she is going through during that trimester, but also make her feel special. Though most every bundle is unique, a first trimester BumpBundle may feature lozenges to ease nausea if she is dealing with morning sickness, cream to lather on her growing belly and body, to moisturize her skin, prevent itching, and stretch marks, and nail polish that is pregnancy safe. Then we do a fashion accessory that she can use well after pregnancy and a piece of clothing that she can wear throughout pregnancy and after birth, like a cami or other maternity fashion essentials.

Check them out here! Or on Pinterest. Thanks for the tips, BumpBundle!

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    1. Happy to have you! Your stuff is so cute!