Thursday, September 19, 2013

Weekly Roundup: Puffer Vests for Non-Teenagers

Weekly Roundup: Puffer Vests for Non-Teenagers

I did some research yesterday in the name of fashion. It was tough, I know, but someone's gotta do it, right? Here's what happened and why.

Puffer vests are awesome. 

Despite the joke about vests being made for the unlikely event when your arms are hot but your body is cold, I will go on the record as loving a good puffy (puffer? do we really have to say that?) down vest. There we go. Down. A good down vest. Here's why: I am often, if not always, cold. And while part of turning 30 for me was about just swallowing my pride and wearing warm boots even when everyone else was in short sleeves, it still bothers me to wear a heavy coat in the fall. Where do you go from there? Enter the vest.
Oh, no. No, no, no. Not like that. I'm not sure if it's more the fake fur or the way they've styled it, but everything about this vest screams high school, maybe college, to me. She's even got vaguely PJ-ish pants on, and not in a cute grown woman track/harem pants kind of way. So, what's a woman to do?

Great vests can be hard to find-or very expensive

The thing is, I found the perfect vest. I pinned it last year, actually, and it's haunted me ever since. There she is, on the left, with the big $$$ signs in front of her.
All links available here.
That innocent-looking gray herringbone vest that's not too puffy but not too thin is like the Goldilocks of vests, right? She's also over $400. That's right, with two zeroes at the end. The polka-dotted chevron from the Gap is not a bad substitute, but somehow it is both sold out on line and not in stores yet. Fail. UPDATE: the gray dotted is NOT sold out-and is fantastic! The navy dottie above right might be a comparable substitute, but I'm afraid that it might be shiny fabric based on previous years of "research" over at the old Gap is great-yes, a bit more slick than the gray, but a feminine fit with a deep color. I still prefer the gray, but the navy is a nice second.

Also, I agree with Aint No Mom Jeans-look how cool the Gap is lately!

Thinner options do exist

For less cold people or warmer locales (I'm looking at you, Texas!), there are some great options out there. These two by JCPenney are adorable, despite the awkward styling.

Or this JCrew number. You could even wear it with the skirt-and maybe a chambray shirt instead of another jacket underneath. Oh, JCrew and your crazy layering ways!

According to Aint No Mom Jeans, vests are also great for pregnancy if you don't anticipate another winter pregnancy or for other reasons don't want to invest in a maternity jacket. She says you'll likely be so hot anyway that unless you live somewhere truly cold, a vest can take you through the winter. It's also great for post-partum!

What about color?

My dear friends will laugh at me because, frankly, I likely would never buy a vest in a color. I have made progress in wearing more color lately, but my idea of the perfect vest is one that I don't feel is so noticeable that I don't want to wear it a lot. The point is to wear it as much as possible until it become socially acceptable to wear it's longer cousin, the long down jacket. But, for those of you who might wear a vest less often than, oh, every day, here are some great choices.


So the Anthropologie number is not cheap. Which brings me to the Hollister green: it's not a bad interpretation of the Anthro yellow. Sure, Anthro has a soft fabric that is a bit more polished, but it would also attract hair if you have pets. That fabric loves hair. The Hollister escapes the teenager trap, despite being from one of those stores, because it doesn't have fur and has a sophisticated cut and lines. Might be a good buy, but probably best purchased online. Because nothing makes you feel old like going into Hollister "SoCal inspired clothing for Dudes and Bettys." Groan.


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