Monday, November 24, 2014

Holiday Pieces that You Can Actually Wear More Than Once A Year

Holiday Pieces that You Can Actually Wear More Than Once A Year

We've reached that time of year when everything is basically on sale-and you have 100 things to do. And while I try not to just enable everyone to shop for clothing all the time, that is kind of going out the window right now. Because here's the thing, most of us have some invitations coming in the mail this time of year. Whether we're getting in cars or on planes (headed to Charleston this week myself!) or having people come to us, we're going to be seen. And what will we wear? Most of us can get it together for one event, but when there are a few in a row it can start to feel overwhelming. That's why I'm here! To help. So you can do the fun things-like baking cookies to leave on a neighbor's doorstep!

Here are some ideas for things to buy, but also some things to look out for that you might already own. My idea is that you can look out for one statement piece and then pair it with basics (jeans, black pants, a pencil skirt), or do the opposite and just look for really flattering, simple pieces that you could pair with basics (or get crazy and pair them with sequined pants!), or even wear a monochrome look. And no, it doesn't have to be all red. Or all green.

And I've included pieces for women who wear plus sizes, nursing women (but those choices work for non-nursing too), and women of all ages. Because my friends come over in all shapes and sizes-and sometimes needing a way to breastfeed without a fuss! 

Sometimes all you need is one great piece: 

What about a gorgeous wear-with-everything blouse
an edgy, but comfortable sweatshirt
a sweet graphic t-shirt to dress up or down
a jaw-dropping dress (in curve sizing)
the coolest elastic waistband pants anyone ever wore to Thanksgiving ever
Or their slightly fancier but still cooler than your black work pants twin
A cheeky sweatshirt to wear with a sequined skirt or with PJs in the morning
A stunning top that you can wear with literally anything on the bottom
A t-shirt that's just a joy to wear
A sweet as candy sweater that you could edge up with ripped denim
Needing nursing friendly options? What about a nursing friendly cardigan (love the styling here)

Let's be realistic here. If you're going to wear this more than one time, you need to keep it simple (and washable):  

The most gorgeous, simple dress you can wear every day like it's leggings-or heck, even with leggings!
Just the most simple, stunning blouse
Is there anything sexier than off-the-shoulder? And curves?
Wear these dots with bigger dots on a skirt, with stripes, with plaid, with jeans, with a skirt...with green ham
Nursing mamas: wrap dress with rouching? Oh baby, this is calling your name!
 Moonbeams indeed. This is gorgeous.

Don't be afraid to get down with monochrome (even in a color other than black!)

Who says pink isn't for Christmas?
I love this cranberry multi layered top so much, I want to marry it.
I love the words elegant and forgiving in describing a sweater that I'll eat a huge meal in.

Photography: Lauren Modny Photography
Party & Prop Styling: Love Always Hannah
Stylist: StartCloseIn

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