Friday, November 14, 2014

Client Question: What Do I Wear Pregnant to a Fall Wedding?

Client Question: What Do I Wear Pregnant to a Fall Wedding?

Remember Danae? She had fallen into a bit of a pattern with wearing the same clothes the same way, and she reached out to me to help her style what she already owned and to go shopping with her. While staying inside her modesty guidelines, we bought her skinny jeans, toddler-friendly layering pieces, and jewelry! She recently emailed me because she's expecting a second baby (yay!! I can't wait to squeeze those little cheeks!), and she was wondering what to wear to a friend's wedding here in Northern Virginia. With her permission, here is some of our exchange, and the gorgeous results! 

Danae: To give you some background, this wedding is of a coworker girlfriend, held at XXX, reception following at the XXX hotel. So pretty formal from what it sounds to me. I do know her bridesmaids are wearing an eggplant color. Here's what I have. I've narrowed it down to two options. I have other formal/bridesmaid dresses but they are either quite uncomfortable or would need major readjustments.

She sent me pictures of a black dress and a purple dress with dots. 

StartCloseIn: I love the purple! Styling for the first thought is metallic, long, dangly earrings with your hair up, which I always think looks festive. What about this or this hair idea? 
Or a celtic knot? celtic knot

You could tie the rest back into a low bun?
Or else a bold necklace that will fill the space in the neckline of the dress. Something big and bold can be a nice counterbalance to your growing belly-and no, the metallics don't need to/shouldn't match the belt exactly. This is a gorgeous example. 

After she sent me some earring-necklace combinations based on my suggestions (she found nice choices at Kohl's!)...

StartCloseIn: You're just so beautiful! I like the first and last necklaces most. Think of filling empty space. There's space created by the neckline, and a good necklace fills it in. That being said, I think you could go with the first pair of earrings and no necklace. It would look less busy, maybe more elegant? Or else the first or last necklace with the last earrings, which are smaller.Have so much fun!!

Danae: Here are the final pictures!! Thank you so much for all your help! I felt comfortable and confident the whole time! I really appreciate it! 

Doesn't she look gorgeous? And don't you just die for her little boy in the suspenders and cap?! And yes, she did her own hair in the very top image of this post! My clients are so talented. 

Want your own maternity polka dots? I like this, this in plus size maternity, and this for winter. Another thing you might consider is renting a special occasion maternity dress

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