Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Our Escape to Mexico-A Sneak Peek

Our Escape to Mexico

Every year, I get really excited to have a birthday party and to celebrate Halloween. So the choice to leave the country on my Halloween birthday was made cautiously. But, once we decided to go to Mexico I knew just where. I did not want to fly through Mexico City, and I wanted to be far enough south that we'd be really warm. We chose to spoil ourselves with a trip to Zihuatanejo, and it was incredible. Like most of Mexico, it is a place full of the most incredible beauty-and incredible poverty. We experienced some of both, and we won't ever forget our time there. Soon I'll talk about how I packed for 5 days in Mexico in just a carry on bag, but today I just wanted to share some personal photos with you. 

We flew into the tiny airport on a tiny plane making a connection from Houston. A hotel representative met us at the airport and arranged a taxi for us. Once we got to the hotel, we went straight to the beach. It was Heaven. For the next several days, the most pressing issues we had to decide were along the lines of "pool or beach?" or "mojito or daquiri?" The food was fresh and incredible even for two people with special diets. We explored a little, didn't answer emails or phones, read more than we had in years, and still woke up super early. Old (dog alarm clock) habits die hard, but it meant we got to swing in the hammock before breakfast or enjoy walks on the beach with a cup of coffee and tea in hand once it was delivered to our door at 7:15 each morning. Again, Heaven. 

If you're interested, you can find the resort here.

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