Friday, November 21, 2014

Making Spirits Bright: Gift Ideas for the Women in Your Life

Making Spirits Bright: Gift Ideas for the Women in Your Life

This buffalo check cape. It's expensive, but it's gorgeous. This could stand alone as a great gift. Perfect for the woman who is always cold, the woman who loves plaid, the woman who wears fleece a lot but always admires friends' coats that aren't fleece, and anyone who loves fairtyales.

This sequined jacket.  For the woman who loves sparkle but already has a lot of jewelry, the woman who is going to be in a winter wedding (mother of the bride?) or is going to celebrate New Year's Even in a fun location.

This dress in green. It will flatter most every body type because of that gorgeous front. For the woman who had a baby in the last year, the woman who attends lots of events, the woman who wears too many black dresses, the woman who has dark skin or light eyes.

These adorable slippers. Want to know the sweet move? Give these babies to her on Christmas Eve to wear by the tree or in the morning. Maybe stuff a bag of her favorite coffee or tea in there, too. For the woman who likes to be comfortable in her own home-AKA all of us.

These personalized baby pants. For the woman who has a baby or toddler. But listen very carefully if you are a man: THESE MUST GO ALONG WITH A GIFT THAT IS FOR THE MOTHER, TOO. See above for ideas.

This backpack. For the woman who travels with a camera, laptop and/or books. For the woman student. For the woman who is also a mother, especially of twins. Or one of these or these bags if she doesn't carry quite as much stuff.

These most gorgeous earrings ever. For the woman with pierced ears (always be sure!), the woman who used to wear big earrings but hasn't lately, the woman with other gold jewelry, the woman with short or long hair. For the woman you're also getting this for.

These also most gorgeous earrings. For the woman who never wears anything but studs, the woman who wears pearls maybe too often, the woman whose eyes shine when she has a great idea.

These fun prints in black and white. For the woman whose house you love, for the woman who has a sense of humor, for the woman who likes wine.

These heirloom cutting boards in the shape of the state where she grew up or where she lives now (or got married or graduated from college or MD for med school or the letters for somewhere she lived and loved living there). For the woman who appreciates thoughtful gestures, cheese plates, or entertaining made easy.

Stocking ideas: this mug, one of these scarves, this or this necklace, one of these prints rolled up with a gift card to have it framed in the frame of her choice, a subscription to one of these gorgeous magazines. Mingle for the newly engaged woman or the in-the-adoption-process woman (looks like they have a great Gotcha Day party idea!), this or this for the business owner or business owner-to-be, a gift card to Prinstagram or even some of her Instagram photos printed and framed (you'll need her login).  

I'll keep updating this as I see ideas. Feel free to print and casually leave around or email to gift givers who might need some hints!


  1. Those slippers need to come with a kitty on them!

    1. They do! In the charcol/red combo.