Friday, December 6, 2013

Virtual Session: Lynne of Wonderfully Made

Virtual Session: Lynne of Wonderfully Made

I have the coolest, most fun client to gush about today: Lynne B from the inspiring blog about sewing and creating a beautiful, homemade life.  She's also the driving force behind ellen j goods, an incredible store that I can't wait to visit! We'd scheming about my visiting her in the spring once all the snow melts!

She emailed me because she had lost a significant amount of weight, but she was still covering up in clothes that didn't fit or flatter...but wait, wait! I'm getting ahead of myself. First, I'll let her pictures do the talking.


These pictures? They're from the same day-actually from within 15 minutes of each other. With the same outfit, plus a belt. She looks amazing, right? Here she is an a dress (that she made!) before our session together...

and after!

I mean...come on! Look at that hourglass shape that we found together!

The Lessons

How did we do it? Well, Lynne outlined some of what she learned from our virtual session togther here. From my perspective, it started with Lynne's desire to feel like the best version of herself. She reached out to me and asked for help even though she's an incredible sewer and very stylish woman. She had the sense that things could be better; her morning routine could be easier, and her new shape could be more visible.

See the before here
Then,  Lynne and I started a conversation via Pinterest and email about what her thoughts were about her look. Some women are not sure at all about this, and we work together on it. Lynne had some ideas (less black! better fit!), and we went from there. Here's a screen shot of one of her outfits with my comments on our shared Pinterest board before our session.

Then, on the night of our virtual session, Lynne was ready with her clothes and ready to question some of what she had been holding on to-and why. Some practical things we did were to put to one side clothing that truly doesn't fit her anymore. Since she's a seamstress, she can easily alter things. For other pieces of clothing she had, they're not all the right size. Easy fixes for that are to roll up sleeves (show your skinny parts, ankles, wrists, necks off to the world!), tuck in (yes, you can do it!), and belt at your narrowest part (often just below your lowest rib).

We also talked about wearing color or pattern near her face to draw the eye up, experimenting with bold lip colors, and layering patterns for a modern, but age-appropriate look. She's got such incredible personality, and it wasn't showing in her clothes when she first turned on her video camera to find me on the other side!

I think the results were incredible, and I've loved receiving her photos as she's stepped into this newest iteration of herself! Here's the picture she texted me the day after our session.

In her words

Here's what Lynne had to say:

StartCloseIn: What were you hoping to get out of our time together?

The biggest thing was trying to address was recent weight loss and feeling like I had completely lost my style as well as the fact that I was lost in my clothing. I felt like I was all over the place style wise and wanted to know how I could bring more cohesion and fun and flattery to my wardrobe. I felt like a boring hot mess.

What was the experience like for you?
I’m always open to suggestions and improvement, so I found the whole thing completely awesome. I had to be willing to listen and let go of things. I learned that I didn’t see myself the way others see me. It was a little emotional at times for me, to begin to connect the disconnect between my brain and my body…for lots of reasons that women can identify with. Changes in body type, upbringing, falling prey to the images of the perfect body that confuse us daily about the reality our own bodies. Working with Ella was fun, we had a lot of laughs, it was relaxing and intimate. I trusted her pretty quickly when I was forced to look in the mirror at the changes while she was watching! Ella told me to tuck, and I tucked. Ella told me to belt and I belted…some things that I SWORE I would never do because they would show off too much of my shape!

Did anything surprise you? 

Lots of surprises. I have always been one to collect clothes…a lot of the same kinds of clothes, like black pencil skirts because I was not sure of what to wear. And I would always default to the boring and basic even though I had interesting clothes. What was surprising was being able to see my closet differently and shop from my own wardrobe! It was revolutionary! I have lots of good clothes…not all of them fit properly, and that can be fixed, but Ella showed me combinations that I would have never dared try. And it worked! I was also quite surprised that I am a smaller size than I thought  (again, hiding in my clothes).

What are you most excited about that came out of our time together?
Of course, the compliments. The noticeable difference in my styling. But more exciting to me is that dressing my body to reflect my personality, and dressing it with properly fitted clothing gives me confidence and makes clothes even more fun. I am an exciting, interesting person that loves life and collecting and vintage and textures and I was not showing that to the world through my wardrobe!  AND that the thing that I was most afraid of (tucking and belting) is the very thing that I cannot be without now! I believe this session was life changing.

Anything else you'd like to talk about?

I’m so thankful for Ella and her passion about helping women to see themselves differently. It’s something that  we need, and she is one of those people that can give you the opportunity to transform your image, and at the same time, transform your thinking.  I’m a fan…a huge fan.

Thanks, Lynne! I'm a huge fan of YOURS! How could I not adore someone who sends me a picture of herself in a stunning outfit...brushing her teeth?

Can't get enough of Lynne? Please check our her blog, Wonderfully Made, and stay tuned for a giveaway of one of her amazing bags in the New Year!


  1. hehehe! Ella!!!! See? I've got no shame when it comes to my style now! Even when I'm brushing my teeth I'm working it!
    Kisses and hugs to you!

  2. Lynne is a very good friend, we met via our sewing blogs and have had a chance to meet in person. She has an amazing personality and through your virtual session, her personality is shining through in her wardrobe now. Fabulous job and Lynne has visited with me about your session, it sounds so much fun.

    1. I agree! She is really shining through.

  3. I love this! I started following you after Lynne first mentioned you. And I'm addicted now. Lynne looks fabulous, I love the breakthroughs that she experienced.


    1. Thanks, gMarie! We had so much fun!