Monday, December 23, 2013

Pre-Christmas RoundUp

Pre-Christmas RoundUp

This is going to be a light week here on StartCloseIn because my husband and I are going up to visit my mom, her sisters, my uncles, and my cousins in PA and then the two of us are going skiing! (Born and raised in Vermont, I think it's cute that PA has skiing...) So to ease myself into a short break from blogging, here are some of my favorite things I've read about holiday style lately. I hope you like them, too! As always, the links are below the images.

6 Show-Stopping Holiday Looks (That Are Also Comfortable!) on Babble
3 Easy Holiday Hairstyles from Real Simple
12 Gift Ideas for Your Masculine-of-Center Partner, Not-Wife, or Husbutch
Wise Words Jewelry Roundup
Enjoy these last few hours before Christmas! I'm off to pack my bag full of an eclectic mix of plaid, SmartWool socks, faux leather leggings, sequins, and silk long underwear and then make some chili with gluten free cornbread-and maybe some sugar cookies for neighbor deliveries or to bring to work. Or maybe gluten free for me!

Ok, and because I love you all, here are a few more ideas for the last minute parties, gifts, etc!

Favorite Party Ideas from Oh Happy Day
The Perfect Christmas Morning Treat From My Incredible Neighbor
For Those With Snow (Kids Not Required)
Also, I did this with the holiday cards we received last year and put it in the box with our ornaments. It was fun to pull out when we put up the tree and see how much everyone's kids have changed in the past year! And I dream of making this (with gluten free oats) for breakfast the next time we host Christmas at our house!

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