Thursday, December 12, 2013

Easy, Stunning Holiday Style From Head To Toe

Easy, Stunning Holiday Style From Head To Toe

Today, I'm continuing with my ideas for easy, stunning holiday style from the neck up-this time from the top of your body! Here are a few tips for feeling your best this time of year (despite the cracked skin and cold feet-is it that just me?)

Draw Attention to Your Face With a Stunning Necklace and Bold Lipstick


Both of these incredible necklaces are from Lou Lou Boutiques. Check out more of the gorgeous jewelry we used for our holiday photo shoot on Love Always Hannah today!

In the top photo, I paired Anna's bright, happy dress with an eye-catching, but neutral necklace that wouldn't compete with that incredible color in her dress and on her lips. In the bottom photo, I played up the gold and flecks found in Ashlynn's dress with a sharp, angular gold necklace that cleverly looks like two necklaces layered together.

Work Your Assets


Maybe you've got incredible hair like Ashlynn here. Maybe you are proud of your strong arms or graceful neck. Or maybe you're recently more comfortable in your own skin. My advice to you this season? Whatever you're working with-work it. 

Want more hair inspiration? Follow my most popular Pinterest board!

Try a Hat, Earmuffs, or Other Wintery Accessory


The best thing about a hat or earmuffs is that it lets you play a little bit (and yeah, yeah, stay warmer) without fulling committing. It's like playing dress up-and the moment that you arrive wherever you're going, you can bail and take it off if you panic. On the other hand, these little touches can mean the difference between looking like a snowperson in your heavy winter coat and looking like... a snowperson with a little pop of personal style showing.

Of course, if you have great outer layers like our models did, you're all set! I love what Asos is doing with jackets this winter, and I pinned some of my favorites here recently on the Pinterest board I created for Lynne.

And, since everything goes this time of year (think about it-ugly sweaters, sweater boots, over-the-top sparkles for NYE, Santa hats at work?), you might keep that hat on during the party, too!

Target and Etsy have some great hat options. If anyone out there makes hats, it would be fun to have one to give away here! Not to mention to wear myself (hehe).

Have fun out there in holiday land!

Photography: Lauren Modny Photography
Party Styling:Love Always Hannah
Stylist: StartCloseIn
Jewelry: Lou Lou Boutiques

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  1. I have such a hard time wearing bright lipstick! You'll be proud of me though...I bought a tube of red yesterday. I might have to tone it down a bit the first time I wear it but I'm going to be brave and try it! Love the winters looks!