Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Fresh Ways to Wear Jeans-including for New Years Eve!

Fresh Ways to Wear Jeans-including for New Years Eve!

Yesterday, I talked about a few favorite places to buy jeans. As I said, I typically don't spend a lot on jeans, but that's just my preference. I do think once you have a good pair, you should celebrate them-and how you look in them! We all love jeans for their ease, for their predictable fit, and for their ability to make us feel stylish. Let's talk about that last one. There's something inherently rugged and a bit boyish in a jean, right? Here are a few ways I love that women wear jeans and make it clear that while we're borrowing from the (cow)boys, this look is purely ours. 

Wait, wait, wati-why am I talking about jeans on New Years Eve? Because this year, we're staying home, and I imagine some of you are, too! We've been running around a lot this holiday season, and I'm so looking forward to a warm fire, chocolate fondue in our new set, and a stack of boardgames to play with my husband, dogs underfoot. And what's better for a night home-or a New Years Day brunch-than your favorite pair of jeans? Not much.

Add a short jacket

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I love a contrast in style. I love the moment where a destroyed denim meets a classic, slightly preppy blazer. I love how the woman on the top right buttoned up her jacket all the way over the jeans, not leaving any shirt showing underneath, and I love how the bottom right has jeans that are a little loose with a very feminine print on top and a winter white blazer. I think all of that makes great style.

So-how to translate these ideas to your closet? Pull out a pair of jeans that you like how they fit. Then, pull out a jacket or blazer or sweater with some structure around the shoulders. Ideally, one that hits you at or below the top of your hip bone. Then, look over your shirts. Is there one that is printed with a same background color as the jacket? Is there a soft tank you could wear underneath and button the blazer all the way up? Is your jacket nubby and soft and could you pair a silkier top underneath it to contrast the two textures? Give it a try!

Wear Brights with Denim-or Bright Denim

Ok, so, I've chopped the heads off these images to emphasize that these outfits can work for women at every age. You might not want the jeans to be skinny depending on your comfort level with fitted clothes, but the premise is the same: try something bright. Yes, this works well in the spring and summer, but why not pull out the brights now? 
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To keep from looking like a teenager or someone dressing "too young," keep one thing simple: the dark jeans on the left, the basic blue color in the middle, or the classic white button down on the right. Each outfit layers colors or patterns, and that's what brings your personal style in. None of these were likely purchased as an outfit in a store-and they shouldn't look like it!

Pull out a pair of dark jeans or bright jeans. Put it on your bed. Then, add a classic element (yellow cardigan, white button down, neutral bag, classic belt) and then add a second item that's a little cheeky (pink sweater with bright blue scarf, bright patterned shirt, leopard print belt and pink cocktail ring). You won't need a fancy shoe and can add boots or flats depending on your winter weather. Not quite ready for this much color? Try a bright lipstick with your usual jeans and t-shirt instead.

Dress Up Dark Jeans with Layered Visual Interest

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Here's how to create a layered, interesting outfit like these: lay out your darkest jeans on your bed. Then, add in a statement piece: a red cardigan or a sparkly top. then, pull out anything you own that looks like it would be friends with that statement piece. Oh! Red cardigan, meet red clutch. Classic black-and-white dots, meet bright red pops. Well, shiny black shoes, you of course want to hang out with shiny red clutch. And little dot earrings you would be sad if polka dot top leaves you at home! My clients can tell you, that's literally how I think about it-and do it. On the neutral end, this is a great outfit because it takes the sparkly shirt and reduces it to its basic elements: it's gray. It's a neutral. What other neutral guys do you have hanging out in your closet or folded up in a dresser? Take them out to play with your dark jean base!

Mix Casual with Edgy

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I don't wear high heels often, but I love this, and it's much easier to wear heels when I'll be sitting on the couch for most of the night. I love the idea of a big, baggy, comfortable sweater or shirt with skinny jeans and high heels. This is the ideal date night outfit, in my opinion, because I'll feel comfortable but also a bit edgy-even sexy. It's that feeling of wearing your boyfriend's sweatshirt in college mixed with a little bit of an edge. You could absolutely swap out cowboy boots or low boots for the heels, which I will do while gathering snacks and drinks for tonight's date night in our chilly weather!

I'm always interested in what you all are wearing so please feel free to email me any ideas or questions to startclosein at gmail.com!


  1. Hi! I've not been following for a real long time, and I immensely enjoy your great advice and tips.

    I don't wear jeans, but I do wear jean skirts. Could you do a post on jean skirts?

    Been wearing more belts,

    1. Hi Kelley! Welcome! Thank you so much for writing. I'm happy to write about jean skirts. Are you looking for ideas for long, knee-length, or shorter jean skirts? -Ella

    2. Yes! *wink*

      Happy highways,