Saturday, December 14, 2013

A Lob By Any Other Name...

A Lob By Any Other Name...

I'm off to visit some of my closest friends down in Texas so the next few days will be a change for my blog. Sometimes I get questions about myself and my life so I thought I'd give you a sense of myself in areas other than style! I'll be back to my regular schedule on Tuesday.

Last week, this little mullet was getting v-e-r-y shaggy! (To be read in the voice of your favorite Christmas author).

And so it woke up nice and early and walked in the cold without any makeup on to get taken care of. It even pretended to be a comb-over for a quick minute! What an adventure!

But it wasn't a comb-over for long. No, indeed. When it emerged from PR at Partners Ssalons and Spa (ignore the outdated website and weird model shots-they're all good), it was no longer a mullet.

That shaggy mullet had bloomed into...a lob. It tried not to be too sad about it's ugly new name and rejoice, instead, in the curl that the nice lady at the salon had painstakingly given it. It held its little lob breath just knowing how quickly the curl could fall. It wasn't really this dark, but the shadows flattered it in a retro way, the Lob thought.

And even on Sunday, the Lob was happy with its Day Two styling. If only that little salon elf could come live in her closet, it thought, we'd all live happily ever after.

The end.


  1. well it's adorble. and your make up looks so pretty. Big thumbs up to the Lob.

  2. It's very flattering and super cute!