Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Back to School: Fall Fashion for the Rest of Us

Back to School: Fall Fashion for the Rest of Us

Recently I had the incredible opportunity to style the fall fashion for a photo shoot with what really was a dream team: Hannah from Love Always Hannah was the creative director, the creative minds behind Tomboy modeled and created an incredible piece of artwork for us, and Lauren Modny shot the amazing photographs. I can't say enough about how creative, professional, and wonderful these women are. I highly recommend that you visit each of their sites and consider working with them in the future.

While many of us are past the years of going to school each fall ourselves, we still get excited about fall fashion. Today's post is all about indulging in that prep school, classic fall fantasy. And, of course, since this is StartCloseIn, we're also going to talk about how to re-create some of fall's trends with clothing you might already have in your closet! Today I'll be talking about the trends generally, and this week I'll show you more of the gorgeous shot and talk about specific outfits and why they work well together to give you some inspiration for your own fall fashion so be sure to check back in tomorrow!

Try Gold Accessories

We saw it last year in home decor: gold and bronze are back. For the cooler months, gold accessories work to warm up your skin tone in a way that silver just can't. Dig through your jewelry and see if you have any statement pieces that you can wear layered up together while the temperature drops, whether multiple rings or several necklaces.

Embrace Booties & Keep Rocking Leopard Print

While it's tempting to revert to knee-length boots from seasons past, it's time to embrace booties for fall. They're more polished than a longer length boot, and they're incredibly versatile. The trend is to wear boots that feel androgynous, more toward menswear, so don't look for a lot of frill with these. A good desert boot is an excellent choice. One good way to keep them from feeling too masculine is to roll up your pants-you can even let a great sock show on top when the weather gets cooler!

While you might want to invest in a new little bootie, the good news is that you can still wear leopard print this fall-this is one trend that's not going anywhere! I styled it here with a more prissy look since I love the contrast between classic (the cape, the bow, the red lip) and the edgier leopard pump.

Play with Plaid

I love plaid for fall for many reasons: it's classic, plays well with colors and other patterns, and, although it's a trend for fall, plaid is not going anywhere. While the fall trends have shown plaid in a grungy 1990s way, too, there's absolutely room for a prep-school approach to plaid. Just make sure the colors are classic (navy, camel, red, gray), and the shape is feminine.

And don't be shy about pairing it with unexpected touches, like the playful colored nails above or the sequined skirt below!

Add Victorian Details 

Fall fashion this year celebrates ornate details and masculine-meets-feminine touches so dig through your grandmother's closet or a local thrift store and see what you can find! Pair a Victorian-inspired watch or ultra-feminine tulle with classic preppy fabrics, like patterns, ruffles, plaid, and polka dots, for a beautiful, layered look.

See you tomorrow for more gorgeous looks from these amazing ladies-and more tips on how to incorporate these fall looks into your own rotation!

P.S. Check out this incredible typetreatment that Tomboy made for us to share! I can't wait to print it and frame it for my craft room!


Photography : Lauren Modny Photography
Modeling & Design : Tomboy
Personal Styling : Start Close In
Creative Concept & Direction : Piccadilly (Love Always Hannah)
Location : Georgetown University

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