Sunday, October 13, 2013

Black is Back?

Black is Back?

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The word on the street for Fall 2013 is that "black is back." I took advantage of this to showcase one of my favorite looks-all black. I would argue that it was never gone-therefore has nowhere from where to return! But, I'll take it.

I'll admit to loving black; white, black, gray, and tomato-to-coral are my favorite colors to wear. This summer, I went so far as to ban all of the black from my closet for almost two months, and it was painful. I love black! And hey! It's back-so you should, too.

Black doesn't have to be serious; try layering a different color belt (yes, brown is fine with black; they're both neutrals), a white (or bright) scarf, or a sparkly necklace.

I love an outfit that highlights black because it helps me feel like a badass, quite frankly. Black is my security blanket and the easiest thing for me to fall into on an off morning. Chances are, if I'm wearing head-to-toe black, I either slept in too late, hated all of the outfits I planned for the week on Sunday-or both. I'm likely on a rampage of some sort because I didn't have time to eat breakfast as a result. I find these are the days that I get the most done-often through sheer determination.

If all black feels too dark for you, check out my tips on wearing black and white for fall and winter!

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  1. Love that you plan all of your outfits on Sunday. If only I could be so organized. Also working from home lends to a lot of pajamas and as a result, not much outfit planning. :)