Friday, October 18, 2013

Playing Virtual Dress Up on Etsy

Playing Virtual Dress Up on Etsy

Sometimes I search on Etsy as though I were shopping for a different version of myself. It's better than window shopping; it's like virtual dress up! I've gotten to the point of shopping online for myself (and others) very easily because I have a good sense of what will work-or not-on different bodies. This is the opposite of that. This dress up is about imagining if I wore a totally different style and were shopping for that version of myself. This is for a woman who works in a studio cooperative and rides her bike there-even in a very long skirt.

I recently found an inspiring Etsy shop where my alter ego would absolutely shop. It's YL1dress.
The Chinese designer works from scratch to design these incredible clothes, and I just love them. 


OK, this bottom one I might actually wear in my current iteration. I love how the designer behind this particular shop styled this coat with the blue boots and quirky little gloves.

Don't you love her style? And, of course I want to know: where do you go to "play dress up?"

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