Thursday, October 3, 2013

Short Hair & Makeup For Winter Celebrations

Short Hair & Makeup For Winter Celebrations

Sarah, one of my best friends in the entire world is celebrating her love and commitment in February. She's got an incredible sense of style, and so I was very flattered when she asked me to put together some hair and makeup ideas for her.

There she is on the left with her partner in the bow tie. I adore them. As you can see, Sarah's got incredible, bright eyes, a pixie cut, and arms full of amazing tattoos.  Here are some ideas for her-and for anyone else with short hair who wants to put together a special look for a party, a wedding, or even a holiday party!

Consider a Bold Eye + Neutral Lip

This is similar to what Sarah has going on in the photo-and I love it. It's a great vintage look to have a really dark eye with a lighter lip because it shows off your big, beautiful eyes. This look has lasted through the years because it's so flattering. Your eyes look dark and sexy, and your lips look kissable. I really like the gray smokey eye on the lower left because it's not as harsh as black but still lends itself to this look. Dark eye makeup photographs really well, too.

Rock a Bold Lip

On the opposite end, I'd suggest a bright lip and a more neutral eye. Each woman has some makeup on her eyes, of course, otherwise she'd look washed out. However, the highlight is her lips. I love the idea of dark red for fall and winter. While this year it's especially trendy, it's classic enough that you won't look back at pictures and think "OK, so this was clearly 2013."

Red lips photograph well, and there are plenty of non-drying long-lasters out there that we can play with. 

Get Yourself a "Brow Frame"

Go back through all of the gorgeous images on this page and pay attention to one thing: their brows. What I realized going through hundreds of photos of women with pixie length hair was this: the brows matter more for you than for women with longer hair. Yes, great brows frame anyone's face, but if you have less hair framing the sides of your face, I think the brows really matter. That doesn't mean they have to be dark, just defined.

I recommend getting a little shaping (I love threading but it does hurt me more than waxing) a few days before the event (after a trial run a month or more before to make sure your face doesn't have a bad reaction) and then filling in with a good waterproof pencil for the day of the party. Be sure to fill in the entire brow even if just the ends need it so that the look is consistent. If you just start filling in near the tips of your brows, the color will not match.

Show Off Your Eyes

The image above comes from a tutorial by one of my favorite makeup bloggers, Maskcara. I'm linking not just to this page but to her entire website because it's such a good blog. However, in this particular example she was talking about ways to make your eyes look bigger. Isn't the difference from left to right incredible? The liner placement matters, the brows need to be filled in, and fake lashes are a great way to open up those eyes and define your eyes for the massive amounts of pictures that come with a big party!

Start to wear some falsies a few months before to see how long you can go without feeling like they throw your vision/balance off.

Add a Little Something Extra

I think my friend's sister is creating a great blusher for her, but I wanted to throw some of our other ideas out there for others who might be considering adding something to your head that's not a veil and works well with short hair. I love these!

So what do I suggest for Sarah? Whatever she likes! Let's play with a few different looks and decide which one suits you best-or one for the night before and another for the day of? If I had to pick today? The makeup at the very top of this post in the polaroid frame.


  1. As someone with a short 'do, just wanted to say this post has been amazing! Love all these helpful tips!

    1. Thanks, Nicole! Your hair always looks great. You should send me in a picture soon for StreetSmarts!