Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Street Smarts: Celebrating the Personal Style of (extra)Ordinary Women

I'm thrilled to debut a new feature: Street Smarts! There are many incredible street style blogs out there, but I think there's a need for showing off some of the incredible style of (extra)ordinary women. Not carefree women in their twenties, not college women, nor women in Europe dashing around to fashion shows. I want to showcase women who I know or who I meet who live regular lives-in style. Feel free to email me with pictures if you'd allow me to show you off here!  Don't be shy!

Shannon, October 1, 2013 Washington, DC

I love how she matched the bright pink and yellow here with the demure pearls. Then the pearls matched with the edgier patterned pants and neutral shoes?

This is personal style at its best-nothing you would see put together in a store, interesting and memorable, but also wearable to a casual office, out to dinner, or to a birthday party or other event with friends. Thanks for sending in these photos!

Got an outfit you'd like to share? Email me at startclosein (at) Or, I might find you first!


  1. Thanks for posting my get up from yesterday, Ella! It was in honor of the first day of the Government Shutdown...wishing all my DC friends a quick trip back to work.

    This outfit came about because of the t-shirt. I picked it up last Saturday at the TJ Maxx in Potomac Yards (Kate Spade for $25). The cardigan is a J. Crew Factory standard. The pants are currently available at Banana Republic and I love them. They are about $80 (but I got them 40% off). The belt is from Francesca's Collection ($14) and those shoes...well, they are so old I can't even tell you where I got them, but I'm betting it's TJ Maxx because they are Cole Hahn's and I'd never pay full price. The pearls are a standard for this Southern girl and a gift from my ex-husband. He had good taste...what can i say?

    1. Thanks, SDW! I love the breakdown. You have such a way with colors and matching high-low! Keep it comin!