Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Why You Need A Blazer Now

Why You Need A Blazer Now

I'm sometimes asked about what "essentials" all women need. Here's the thing: I don't really have a list. If I know about your lifestyle and the clothes that you like to wear, I can certainly come up with a list for you. Earlier this week I talked about some of my own basics (v-neck t-shirts, dark jeans, scarves), but I don't think those are the same for all women.

However, I think you need a blazer. Or a cropped jacket or whatever you want to call it: you need a structured top to put over things that isn't a cardigan. Here's what to look for and why.

Look for a Blazer with Well-defined Shoulders

Even pregnant, Girl with Curves knows that a blazer creates definition and shape for her body. Her shoulders look defined, and her arms look toned. Also-the curve on the edge is incredible and really shows off her shape. You'd be surprised how many blazers you can find with great details like this in the front or in the back. Those are the things that make a blazer un-boring!


 Choose a Blazer in a Neutral Color


There are some gorgeous leopard print blazers out there-don't buy them. I don't care that much about trends (more on that soon!); what I care about is something that looks great on your body and makes you feel like a badass. Wearing something recognizable and memorable over and over again (Hey, there goes Leopard Blazer Girl) will not likely help you feel like a badass. A neutral blazer goes with everything-from a t-shirt to stripes to polka dots or leather. Get yourself in one.

What Not to Wear will tell you that a two-button blazer is best for women with a larger bust. I say try one and two buttons on-see which makes you feel best. The blonde below doesn't seem to have particularly big boobs, but the two buttons look menswearish and, frankly, great. I have a one-button that's a bit longer than a classic blazer, and I love it. Just try a few one with some cute shirts from the store and see what you like.

 All via BodenUSA


Pick a Blazer with Fun Sleeves


Yes, this is a thing. I would rarely if ever buy a blazer whose sleeves I could not scrunch or roll up. Look for stripes or a contrasting color on the inside of the sleeves so that when you roll them up it looks intentional. Or, see if the sleeves will stay up if you scrunch them. The look reads as active, ready-to-go, and stylish all at once. How can you not love it?


 Consider a Blazer for Fancier Events


My mom has been ahead of the game on this one for years: be inspired by menswear for fancy events. Anytime where most of the women will be in dresses is a good opportunity to stand out from the crow a little in a great tuxedo jacket and pants. This one below from Garnet Hill looks just as good with a grown up t-shirt and casual pants as it would with a silk shirt and dressier pants. Since a good blazer is pricier than a cardigan, it's good to look for one that you can wear multiple ways, like this.

If I've convinced you, check out many outfits with blazer that I love here.

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