Friday, October 11, 2013

Street Smarts: Celebrating the Personal Style of (extra)Ordinary Women


I'm thrilled to debut a new feature: Street Smarts! There are many incredible street style blogs out there, but I think there's a need for showing off some of the incredible style of (extra)ordinary women. Not women in their twenties, not college women, nor women in Europe dashing around to fashion shows. I want to showcase women who I know or who I meet who live regular lives-with their own beautiful sense of style. For me, style is about empowerment and feeling confident in your own skin. Feel free to email me with pictures if you'd allow me to show you off here!  Don't be shy!

Hannah, October 10, 2013

I love the details in her outfit, don't you? The metallic circles on her shoes are echoed in the metallic rings of her necklace. And the belt, ohhh the belt! The skinny belt is divine with the skinny stripes-and the preppy glasses and rolled sleeves on the blazer. It's just too good.

She's really got the balance of mixing edge with prep, right? The pink lips?! Amazing. I love how the rest of her makeup is neutral. And the tribal scarf? I can't.

You all blow me away!

Got an outfit you'd like to share? Email me at startclosein (at) Or, I might find you first! 

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