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Are There Any Good Puffer Vests for Adult Women?

Are There Any Good Puffer Vests for Adult Women?

Hi! Just popping in to update you on my last post about choosing a vest for fall/winter that is warm, cozy, and stylish for a woman, not a teenager. Last night, I braved the flash flooding we have in the DC area and went to the mall. Everyone else in the world had the same idea! But I was there to do some "research." See how hard I work for you? 

At The Gap, I tried on some of the vests I'd written about before. I have a green vest from Eddie Bauer that is warm and has nice soft pocket insides, but it's a size smaller than I'd like. I tend to be freezing, and I'm looking for a vest that I can wear over other layers. I tend to grab my husband's from JCrew as long as he's not wearing it already, and I'm looking for a good alternative to that. Mainly, I want something I can throw on in the morning to walk the dogs until I need to wear a coat and, admittedly, that I can wear inside when other people are warm and I am freezing. 

My take on them was this: the tomato color (above with a pair of pants that I did get since I have them in gray and basically wear them every weekend all weekend) is gorgeous, fits well...and isn't at all warm. If you live somewhere warmer where the vest is just a fashion statement or meant to keep you a little warm, then get it or the blue with dots (top picture, far right). They fit well, the lines are flattering, and they're not too expensive, especially this weekend with Columbus Day sales happening. 

The gray polka-dotted is very warm because it contains wool and has a fleecy interior. However, it was too itchy on my neck for that same reason, and it was pretty bulky. I wished it were longer, too. However, if you always wear a turtleneck or aren't prone to itching, then it might be a good find for you. Oh! Also, don't get it if you have dogs because it was already picking up on little pieces of fluff in the fitting room because, again, it's wooly. 

I was hoping that the website was wrong and that this herringbone vest was actually in stores. However, it is not. You could order it online, but since it's also a wool blend, order with caution. I have a feeling this will fly off the shelves because it's pretty similar to JCrew's herringbone vest from last year (sold out) that people went wild for. 


Target has a similar one if you remove the fur hood. But if you're in love with the piping of the original Jcrew, you might consider this jacket option from Asos.


I also hit up American Eagle where I (of course) found no acceptable non-teenager options for women but I was there to look in the men's section, where I found one interesting option. I liked the retro style and the longer length (because it's a mens), but the armholes were enormous (again, mens...) so not a great choice and too pricey. My husband's vest is looking better and better...

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