Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Introducing: Personal Pricing

Over the past two months since launching Start Close in Styling, many of the 6,000 20,000+ visitors to this site have reached out to me. I've worked with lots of you-some even agreed to let me show you off here! It has been an amazing way to build my profile and to hone in on what I can offer the (extra)ordinary woman. 

That's why, for the month of October, instead of setting an hourly rate or a per-service rate, I'm inviting you to pay what you want for all personal styling in the month of October! I've dubbed it called Personal Pricing, and it applies to any appointments (in person or virtual) we schedule in October even if the services are rendered in November or December. 

So, are you ready to love your clothes and how you look in them? Let's get started! It's going to be so fun!

- Ella

November 1 Update: I had planned on a set list of prices starting November 1 that were based on feedback from my clients thus far, but based on the outpouring of interest from the readers of my favorite blog, I've decided to offer lower prices than previously planned for all services booked in the month of November, regardless of when the service takes place

Learn more about my services offered here

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