Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Can You Rock a Midriff Top in Your Thirties?

Quick Tip: Tie Up Your Shirt to Rock a "Midriff Top" in Your Thirties

I'm not into wearing a midriff top that bares my stomach at my age; I'm just not. But I think that the look can be adapted. Here's how: tie up a button-down and let it either hit the top of your skirt or pants or tie it over a dress. I love this over a maxi dress, for example, or even a slightly fancier dress like Lauren has on in the middle shot.

But why does it work? 

Tying a shirt at your waist (or higher) highlights the narrowest part of your body, highlighting the beautiful curve unique to a woman's shape. And it's youthful without veering toward what we might have once called "teenie bopper."

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