Wednesday, October 16, 2013

How to Layer Textures this Fall

How to Layer Textures this Fall

Yesterday I shared some of the incredible photos from the recent shoot I did with some of DC's finest creative minds. Today, I'm excited to get into the details and share with you one simple trick for creating a unique look for yourself-without spending a dime.

What's the trick to creating a gorgeous, individual look for fall that is unique, stylish, and-dare I say it-comfortable, too? It's all about layering texture. My clients often ask me about mixing patterns, and I think that's not quite the right word. I like to think of it as layering texture instead. Let me show you what I mean.

Layer Textures within One Color Family

For Chelsea, the stunning redhead on the right, I created visual interest in a monochromatic (blue) color palette: smooth suede booties, rough interior jean cuff, wooly blazer with jagged zipper details, and soft, knotted scarf against her smooth, feathery hair. Add a slick of blue-hued nail polish and lip stain in a contrasting color, and she's covered in texture from head to toe.

Take a look in your closet and pull out everything you have in one color palette, then start layering textures: smooth, soft, hard, jagged, knotted, rolled, rough. 

Layer Textures in a Neutral with a Pop of a Pattern

For Anna above, her shoes, legs, and skirt are all a similar tone, but they're interesting together because of the textures of the entire outfit. Her shoes are smooth leading up smooth legs but the ruffles on the toe provide some texture and visual interest; the sequins are full of rich texture, and they contrast nicely with the softness of the flannel shirt, which is offset with the hard, cool necklace. Adding the cape in the bottom shot meant layering even more softness against that hard necklace. I love it.

Take a look at something in your closet that you might not consider "work appropriate," like this flannel shirt, then layer on neutrals in different textures. Extra points for pairing masculine (flannel shirt) with feminine (sequined skirt, cape with feminine details, red lips)!

Look for Texture All Around You

The setting at Georgetown University was incredible; texture was all around us and served as a big inspiration! 

Take a close look at spaces that you love and see if there are elements of those spaces that might inspire how you dress today. Here, the architect layered brick and it's been contrasted with the smooth floor and round light fixtures, much like a structured blazer paired with a smooth, round necklace. Below, the stone is monochromatic, yes, but its rich texture serves as inspiration for how to create visual interest-even if you're wearing all gray!

Thanks again to our amazing team for putting together this gorgeous shoot! I'm ready to get out my book bag again after this!

Contact me soon if you'd like to take advantage of personal pricing for October! I'm looking forward to working with you to create a layered, individual look for fall and winter.

Photography : Lauren Modny Photography
Modeling & Design : Tomboy
Personal Styling : Start Close In
Creative Concept & Direction : Piccadilly (Love Always Hannah)
Location : Georgetown University

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