Friday, October 25, 2013

Six New Halloween Costumes for Women Who Don't Want to be Naked

Six New Halloween Costumes for Women Who Don't Want to be Naked

A few weeks ago, my post on Halloween Costumes for Women Who Don't Want to be Naked became hugely popular. I know that this weekend lots of you are looking for costumes for the coming week, and I wanted to put in a plug for shopping your own closet for costume ideas. All of these ideas come from ModCloth's inventory, but I encourage you to take a look at your own closet for inspiration. Or, you could always buy something new in the name of a costume and wear it again later! In my mind, that's better than purchasing something you'll only wear once.

What Does a Fox Say?

For the social media maven, this hat is a simple nod to the viral video. You could fox up the rest of your outfit, too, but I like the regular clothes with this hat. It's subtle.

Ugly Sweater Party

Add some shiny pants, decorative earrings, a drink in your hand (bonus points for something that looks like egg nog!), and a candy cane tucked into your hair. Plus, you can wear it again to an actual ugly sweater party in a few months. Done.

Classic Tootsie Roll Commercial

I recommend this one for the single ladies because of the easy layup to the "how many licks" line that men are sure to take. Wear it over a white button-down and jeans with cowboy boots.

Little Red Riding Hood

There's nothing wrong with this classic. Might be nice for a couples costume where a friend or partner goes as a wolf. Basket not included.

Bjork's Swan Costume

Take it back to 2001 (!!) with Bjork's infamous swan costume reinterpreted. Order a size up and wear it with just tights or pair it with a tulle skirt for her frilly effect.

Grim Reaper

This is a good look for a work party, a concert, or another low-key event this time of year. Add some leather leggings and stud accessories and you're good to go. 

Happy Costuming!

All items from ModCloth. This is not a sponsored post, although they are a sponsor. Links available here.

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