Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Summer Wedding Guide: Yes, You Can Wear Pants

Summer Wedding Guide: Yes, You Can Wear Pants


Don't ignore pants for a spring or summer wedding, especially any cropped ones. I think floor length pants can feel a bit severe for warm weather weddings, but I guess it depends on the pants. If they're bright like the red below, go for it!

If you do decide to wear pants to a special event this spring or summer, I'd recommend following the tips I laid out on Monday.
  • Try a special pair that you don't often wear.
  • Or, pick something you consider "work pants" and pair them with a bright, patterned shirt) (look at Anthropologie for inspiration, then shop TJMAxx or Marshalls for something similar.
  • Try an outfit with several shades of the same color.
  • Or, play with colors by using something contrasting on top and on the bottom. 
 Recently, lots of stores have gorgeous patterned pants, and a wedding would be a great time to test a pair out!  Or, wear a really special top that can carry the whole outfit.

If you were my client


You might wear something like the look above to work, and for a wedding I'd then want you to add something special: orange-hued lipstick (pick the best hue for your skin tone here), intricate earrings (love these from Lou Lou Boutique), or a big, bold necklace that brings in some color. I love the idea of that particular necklace since it would bring the blue out in the sleeve but doesn't "match" it exactly.

Oh! And you could also funk up the shoe choice a bit. What about something like this with a color instead of metallic? If you did the blue necklace, why not a contrasting color like a red, orange, green, or yellow? It's always fun to invest in a DIY project that you can wear again later.

DIY via
Since I know you'll ask, ideally, a cropped pair would show off your ankles, accentuating the length and narrowness of your lower leg. And, no, you don't have to wear heels-look at flats or sandals depending on how fancy the wedding seems. One option, if you're not quite sure, is to wear one pair and then switch to a second for dancing. I have a pair of fold up flats (you can find them on Zappos; these were from Gap- I actually wore them for our wedding) that are perfect for fitting inside a small bag in case my feet get tired or I've really misread the formality of the party.


  1. I really, really love the first option!

    1. I love that one, too! So bright but also classy.