Monday, May 5, 2014

Summer Wedding Guide: Inspiration for Brides and Guests Alike

Summer Wedding Guide: Inspiration for Brides and Guests Alike

This week, I'm going to be sharing my ideas for what to wear to spring and summer weddings. I know that I'll have some women reading who are getting married or celebrating a union this season, and I wanted to share some of the most beautiful images I've found with you.

I also find it very helpful to get inspiration from images of other people's weddings. So if you're attending a wedding this year, check out some of these truly gorgeous images to see what folks are wearing. To find your own guest style, you might notice what stands out for you in these images. Then, go to your closet or your local shop and see if you can find something that captures a similar feeling.

Rock N Roll Biltmore Wedding
For example, I'd never suggest that a guest wear an actual wedding guest (unless you've been asked to for some reason), but you might look at something and decide to riff off of it. Love that low back and her messy hair? There's no reason why you can't replicate that with a non-bridal dress-or a top with a nice, low back

I hope you enjoy these as much as I did!

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