Monday, May 12, 2014

I want YOU to wear a jumpsuit!

I want YOU to wear a jumpsuit!

That's right: you. You, whatever shape and size or age you are. I want you in a one piece something this summer. Why? I'll tell ya why! There are so many options this season for them; they're so incredibly comfortable; and you can find a great one at any price point. So whether it's a romper (shorts) or a jumpsuit (pants), just promise me that you'll at least try one. Bring in two sizes with you when you try it on because no one likes one that's too short in the rise, and just see if you like it!

You'll notice that most of my picks are very affordable; if this is a new trend for you, try something cheap and see if you like it. Trust me when I say that a jumpsuit is a chic way to stay cool this summer. Trust. 

The Vintage Nod

Via Forever21
One commenter on this dotted number wrote "I ordered this to wear when I go on vacation to the beach. I love it! I was worried because I am 5'10" and didn't know how long it would be, so I went up a size and it was PERFECT. I've always been skeptical of rompers, but paired with a sun hat, black sandals, and sunglasses- it will be perfect to wear on vacation!" Sounds good to me! When are we leaving?

The Splurge


The Pattern Queen

Via Macys
I love black and white for summertime, but this also comes in black. Either way, throw a blazer over it for work or a bright lipstain and straw hat for play.

Via H&M
Same here. Think it through: if you might not normally get these straps because of wanting to wear a bra, what about layering a tank underneath or wearing it with a light cardigan or blazer?

The Upper Arm Cover UP

Via Asos
Apparently those are top hats? I don't know, and I don't care! They're adorable, and the orange is universally flattering. Plus, you can wear a regular bra with this one. Want more arm cover? Try this one.


Even Target knows what's up!

Via Target

The Wear-it-to-Work

Via Forever21
I wouldn't wear this to a very conservative office, of course, but styled as is with those shoes you could likely wear it to a more casual setting. You could formal it up a bit with a cropped blazer, too. I'd also love this with flats.

The Trip to Hawaii

Via H&M
If you try one or if you're already a fan, tag me in a picture on Instagram! I'd love to see ya!

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