Friday, May 9, 2014

Summer Wedding Guide: Maternity Clothes that won't Spend Baby's College Fund

Summer Wedding Guide: Maternity Clothes that won't Spend Baby's College Fund

Via Pink Blush Maternity

I have a few friends who are pregnant right now (!!!), and so I wanted to round up a few great sources of fashion inspiration for you. I have only ever styled one pregnant friend, but if you'd like to be my first pregnant client, please let me know!

Hello Hue knows how to mix colors and get the most out of individual pieces. If you love her clean lines and bright, modern colors, check out Asos maternity line.

The Daybook had the best pregnancy style last time around-and she's pregnant with #2. I can't wait to see what she wears this time.  Her style tends to be trendy and easy-to-wear (she has a son, too). Try H&M's maternity line for similar pieces.

Being pregnant doesn't stop Walking in Memphis in High Heels from wearing, well, heels! Leopard print to be exact. But, follow her for laid back, easy-to-wear style, which reminds me a lot of what A Pea in the Pod has this season for dresses.

The Little Blonde Book shares my love of stripes and hats. So I love her.

I loved this lace top on Cella Jane. I'm looking forward to seeing her style develop along with her bump. Motherhood Maternity, a bit more expensive but great for a gift card for a loved one who is expecting and found in many malls, has quite a few lace dresses this spring.

I can't imagine wearing heels while pregnant for more than just snapping a photo, but if you do wear heels for a more casual special event, perhaps a bridal shower or for brunch the day after the wedding, do it like this! 

Side note: I love how women look when they're pregnant, even if you don't always feel great. Take solace in the fact you can get away with basically anything, in my view! Don't feel pressured to dress up just because these ladies do it for a few photos on their blogs. Just let the images inspire you, then look away and remember how strong you are for just showing up! 

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