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Summer Wedding Guide: Dresses that You Will Actually Wear Again

Summer Wedding Guide: Dresses that You Will Actually Wear Again

My dear friend Rose asked me on Instagram about what to wear to summer weddings. What a good question! They’re not so much on my mind lately since I’ve passed that stage when I had six or seven weddings to attend per summer. But, I’m glad you asked because lots of you are attending weddings this spring and summer, and I have one invite myself!

When I choose clothing to wear to a wedding, I almost always think of the same thing: I want to look (and feel) special, even whimsical. For the couple getting married, this is an incredibly special day, and I want to help to create that magic. I think that’s why choosing something to wear to a wedding can be hard because the usual things in my closet just don’t feel special enough.

That’s not to say that you can’t wear something you already own-not at all! But, I think keeping that sense of newness and wonder in mind can be very freeing, actually.

Let’s think about what you might already have in your closet.

Channel Your Inner 27 Dresses

Maybe you have a really beautiful dress that you haven’t worn yet for one reason or another. If so, pull it out! If it feels too fancy, try it with sandals and a pashmina wrapped around your shoulders to disguise a little bit of the fanciness. Also, remember that people at weddings often look fancier than you expect so it might be just the right thing.

I love this patterned dress, especially for a boho beach wedding. This little striped number would be adorable with a big hat and sandals, too.  

Keep it Simple

If you don’t have a magical dress waiting in the wings, what about something more simple or even plain? I think a solid dress (black is fine for a fancier wedding and in many cities, just check with the hosts if possible before wearing it) can be a great base for a statement necklace or to showcase some long, dangly earrings. Try a classic shape that you can actually wear again, but pair it with a vintage clutch in a bright color for an outdoor Texas event like this one.

Via Modcloth

Do you have a dress that you consider a “work dress” since you’ve worn it so often? The folks at the wedding might not know you in your work clothes so it might be a better option than you think! Pull it out with a necklace that you rarely wear or with earrings that feel just a bit too over-the-top for it. Then, pick a pair of shoes you’d love to wear more often. Got a feathered or floral headpiece? Get it out. Now is the time, especially if one of the brides might wear something like this!


This can also work with a simple sheath or even a gorgeous maxidress. I once wore what looked like a maxi dress but was actually a nightgown to a friend’s wedding. Look around-what is simple and comfortable will put you in the mood for red lipstick and dancing-and isn’t that what every host wants from a party guest? Love this H&M dress, and wouldn't you actually wear a dress like this again?

Or, pull out two pieces that you wouldn't normally wear together. What about the coral dress above with a light pink jacket like this one? Love this drapey option in sizes 14-24. Pair a simple jacket with a statement shirt.

What about adding some texture with a jacket for a chillier spring wedding or a summer wedding by the water?


Print it Up 

Via Nordstrom
 On the other hand, a beautiful print goes a long way at a wedding, and prints often photograph very well, too. Try something long with simple sandals or a wedge (no tripping!), especially if the even it outside. It will be stunning in the wind. For spring, carry a pashmina, moto jacket, or even a structured blazer with you to put on top when the night gets chilly.  Garnet Hill has some of my favorite printed dresses, and they're on sale through May 13. You'll find some gorgeous prints (sizes 8-22) at Simply Be, too. And, if you have the budget for it, no one does print like Anthropologie.

Check back in tomorrow for an exciting release-and for more tips on being your gorgeous self at summer and spring events!

And-welcome back from the weekend! If you want to know what the highlight of my weekend was, check out Love Always Hannah's guide to a perfect Saturday morning near Eastern Market, DC. If you're planning a party or just wanting to make your life more beautiful, start with Hannah. She's truly able to bring out the beauty in the world. Thanks, Hannah, for always making me laugh-and capturing me in the middle of it! Love you to the moon. 

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