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HauteKnitNorthShore Etsy Review

HauteKnitNorthShore Etsy Store Review

Looseknit skinny scarf
It was the net-like look of this skinny scarf that got me interested in the artists behind HauteKnitNorthShore on Etsy. Then I dug deeper and spotted one necklace after another that I wanted to wear. Specifically, wear to the beach!

Bamboo cord with Moonstone
I can just picture this gorgeous necklace out in the garden where you wouldn't have to worry about getting it dirty or breaking it. I love how wearable they all are!

In Their Words

On Sunday, I had the chance to interview Helen and Luke from their home in St. James, NY. Here's what they said and some of the incredible inspirational images they sent me!

StartCloseIn: I love the inspirational photos you share on your blog! Can you tell me more about your creative process? What inspires you?

HauteKnitNorthShore: Usually seeing just one color, shape (somewhere...anywhere...), or pattern in nature- triggers the whole design.  I take lots of iPhone pics, and keep a file for future ideas.  For the Cosmos Collection, just seeing the loose crystals displayed- circular and very sparkly- got us thinking about simplicity, elegance, and minimalism.  Then we started visualizing familiar images- like the Zen calligraphy circle and the colors and patterns in photos of space, or the universe. The crystals come in a range of colors- from very quiet clear and pastel shades to vivid spicy red/oranges, to mysterious blues/purples/black.  It really sparked a whole brainstorming session!  For the Beach Collection, it was simply spending time at the nearby beaches and marina.  The sand is very coarse and pebbly.  It's painful to walk on barefoot, but the variations of neutral colors are beautiful.

You write about creating pieces that "give off good vibes." Will you tell us more about that? 

We've always been fascinated about the metaphysical meanings of stones and metals.  Also- natural fibers offer texture and color that's just not present in a synthetic.  Patterns repeat though-out art/design/nature.  To combine them in an interesting way gives a piece some personality...and good vibes...

I love your looseknit scarves! Who do you imagine wearing these when you make them? Where does this person go in this scarf?  

A couple of different images pop up to me for the woman who wears this: a woman (any age) in the city who's very stylish, yet somewhat casual, and likes accessories that can transition from day-to-night, or between seasons.  I think that a woman who enjoys the arts, explores the city, travels, and is meeting friends at interesting cafes & restaurants could throw this on quickly and be good-to-go. could be someone who actually lives near the coast, and needs this sort of thing for playing up a relaxed/tasteful outfit for attending/hosting outdoor parties.  We've observed women at the nearby beach club.  They have a very refined sense of style: nothing over-the-top or big-statement, but they do like to wear special or eclectic pieces that work with their ensemble.
What do you hope people who wear your pieces feel or experience via your art? 
We hope that people will feel like they are on-trend...if not ahead of it, while still being themselves.  We hope they will find something they like, regardless of their usual style, especially if they want to update their wardrobe and branch out a little.  More importantly, we hope they will feel a boost by standing out from the crowd just a bit, and embrace their uniqueness.

Thanks, Helen & Luke! It was so much fun to FaceTime with you. I love your pieces. Thanks for giving us all a boost and sharing some pieces of your world with us today! 

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