Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Taking Stock

Taking Stock

 inspired by The Daybook Blog

Making:  summer plans to go to OBX and VT
Cooking: meatless Mondays
Drinking: seltzer from a wine glass (because the glass is at least 1/2 the fun)
Reading: fertility books, like this one, again
Wanting: twice as many vacation days
Looking: forward to seeing my little "nephew" Andrew again, even though I just had lunch with his mama yesterday
Playing: with pattern on pattern
Wasting: produce that has gone back in our fridge...need to get back into freezing mode
Wishing: all of my best friends, including family, lived on my street
Enjoying: the recipes on my neighbor and cousin's blogs
Waiting: for my garden to start sprouting after a cold winter
Liking:  boho-inspired pieces for summer
Wondering: what my next client's clothing will look like
Loving: my two Bernese Mountain dogs running together in the woods (I can't believe Jaxon was ever this small-and that was last October!)
Hoping: the new yogurt place near our house is delicious and wishing it were dairy free, too
Marveling: at all the blossoms and blooms coming up all around us
Needing: to drink more water, always
Smelling: a clean house on Monday afternoons
Wearing: more colors, especially in the coral/orange family and stripes, always stripes
Following: Modern Hepburn for beautiful, simple images
Noticing: stronger arms and torso from yoga
Knowing: miracles can happen (I wrote "miracles can happy" first!)
Thinking: about my family-near and far
Feeling: optimistic, insular, creative, soft
Bookmarking: clothes to wear to summer weddings and favorite swimsuits for upcoming posts
Opening: incredible handmade and antique items from clients I've bartered with
Giggling: every day with my husband
Feeling: loved by all my readers.


  1. I like the taking stock moments, it's like an inventory of happy :)

  2. Thanks Ella! One of these days the weather is going to cooperate, and we may actually see one another! And I do believe "Miracles Can Happy!"

    1. Thank you. And the weather WILL cooperate!!

  3. I love this! I find myself in many of your things. And yes, miracles can happy! Believe that!

    Your dogs are adorable. Happy Spring!

    1. I'd love to hear yours, Cecilia! Happy spring, doll.