Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Simmi: Classic with a Twist

Simmi: Classic with a Twist

Last week, I have an incredibly fun personal styling session with Simmi. She works in a stylish office and also has two young children so she wanted some outfits that were ready to go to the office and come home for playtime.

When I work with clients, I start to think about an easy phrase or description in my head that helps me to define a consistent look with them. For example, I have clients whose closets and lifestyle strike me as Modern Prep or Vintage, Collected Ease, or Casual Comfy Chic.

These words help me to foster a cohesive look for my clients; if something does not fit at all within their style, I question whether it belongs with them. Of course, I go to great lengths to make sure everything they already own can be used, but sometimes we all fall into the trap of buying a perfect shirt or dress...that's perfect for someone else!

Here, what I found with Simmi was that she loves classic, clean lines that are kept young and modern with a twist. For example, a bright color or print or a snakeskin shoe. She also needed fresh, modern outfits that feel like spring is coming and can move into summer, but she also gets chilly easily. I understand that completely since I freeze in my office all summer long, but I don't want to continue to wear things that look like they're too wintery.

Here's what we did: we paired bright colors and patterns with classic pieces, like this navy blazer.

Here, a classic jacket and shirt combination gave new life to a skirt that she didn't wear often. I'd also love this with dark skinny jeans for a weekend outfit or black pants and a bright necklace for another office look!

Simmi has a great eye for clothing and had some fun pieces, like this wool blazer in a minty green. That's the perfect kind of piece to stay warm and feel current with the spring weather and styles. I paired this blazer with several outfits, but this all-neutral was one of our favorites. I caught Simmi giving me that "Huh...this actually works!" face.

Here, I played off the beautiful mustard color of another blazer and put it with a shirt that's quite matchy-matchy. However, I think it works because of how irreverent and cheeky the yellow is. She looks polished and professional but still modern, especially with an arm full of silver and gold bangles and rolled up sleeves to show off the striped lining. She could always swap jeans or white pants for the skirt, too! Again, "ok, you told me so" look. I love this!

I wanted Simmi to have lots of different outfits put together in her closet that would be really easy to fall into. The result were a series of outfits that flattered her shape, were classic and versatile, and also showed off her bright personality! Above, there's that skirt again! The shape is classic, but the colors are unexpected enough to bring her personality into the look. And, the sweater above is light enough that she can wear it in the warmer months.

Below, we played around with some business casual outfits that she could also wear on weekends.

I looked out for ways to carry that sense of style into easy weekend outfits that can all be put in the wash, including these white pants that can easily be bleached or Oxy Cleaned!

Simmi also has a series of summer weddings and evening work events to attend, so we put together a few fancier outfits that let her incredible dress collection shine.

Here's what Simmit wrote to me a few days after our session together. Thank you, Simmi!

Thank you so much for all of your help this week – it honestly felt like I was playing with my clothes with a girlfriend!  I’ve worn two of the outfits we hung already and I just felt like I was going into the day more calm without having to rush and think about what to wear and how it looked. Thank you!


  1. Love all her outfits! They are perfect for her!

    1. Thanks, Cecilia! She had a really fun closet to play in!

  2. I love the dresses at the end. Simmi really shines in them.

    I wonder what phrase you thought of for me . . . . g