Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wide Summer Shoes that Are Actually Cute

Wide Summer Shoes that Are Actually Cute

Here's the thing: it took me way too long to realize that I actually have wide feet. You see, compared to a couple members of my family, I don't have super wide feet. I thought, relatively, that I could wear anything. I also thought that blisters, hurt toes, and pinching were all normal. Come to find out, they're not. Thus began my search for medium to wide width shoes that didn't feel too clunky, dated, or, frankly, sad.

For spring and summer, I think I've found a few good pairs that are versatile, comfortable, stylish, and, yes, wide(r). If you have any that you love, PLEASE post about them in the comments! I'm always on the lookout.

Casual but Subtle

I actually purchased the Lucky Brand sandals above after seeing them in a different color on my client, Girls in the Garden. Based on the comments from other purchasers, I went down from my usual half size to the next lowest full size. I buy shoes often from Zappos because I can search by wide width, there are lots of reviews of the shoes, and I can ship them back for free when they don't work.

If they fit, I plan to wear these shoes casually with dresses (I don't wear heels with a maxi dress, but a wedge is easier) and cropped pants casually and maybe even to work. As I've mentioned before, I need to dress much more conservatively in the office, but I think these shoes could be a nice way to bring some personality to the office. We'll see about those grommets when they arrive-they might read too casual along with the cork.

Looking for something even saucier? Try these and send me a picture of them!

Very Casual and Bright

On the other hand, I also bought these very casual sandals. I would usually shy away from that band across my toe bed because it tends to be too tight, but I have loved the width of Rocket Dog brand for years, and I think it might be ok. These are a cheaper shoe, and I anticipate they'll last me one season, but that's ok.

I love the idea of this bright yellow with summer's navy, white, and coral.

Speaking of flat, bright shoes, I love these. That's right, I love an Easy Spirit shoe!

I have several pair of flat, comfortable, washable shoes like these that I keep near my door since walking the dogs means that I need to be ready for all kinds of adventures at a moment's notice! I used to live in bright, casual sneakers when I taught elementary school because they're so comfortable. If you're looking to spend a little more but get a better-made shoe, try a Keen. I love these!

They come in M width and lots of bright colors, too. If you're more of a loafer lover, I think these little blue guys are cute.

Wedges You Can Walk In

A combination of height plus bright is this fun sandal by Fitzwell, another favorite wide width brand.

I like the slightly sporty look of the orange and the ankle band. If you're someone who wears a lot of cropped jeans or capris, these would really pop against a darker jean.

Want something less sporty but with a similar casual wedge?  These are a good choice.

Peep Toes That Don't Pinch

I love the look of a peep toe, but my poor toes have gotten ripped up by too-tight-shoes more times than I can count. I love the idea of a comfortable peep toe, and I think this just might be it. LifeStride, of course, makes really comfortable shoes, and I think the wedge here isn't so high that it will force your foot down into the toe opening. 

These cuties come in black, too. I wish they came in red or something without such a big braid on the wedge, but they're still adorable!

Dressier but Still Fun

 I always thought that flats would be easier to fit wider feet in, but I have literally thrown out so many flats lately that just hurt my feet. These above come in M and W widths, two neutrals, and two prints. Sounds like a good choice to me! I know they're boring, but I'd actually get the neutral here because it lengthens my legs, which is good with a flat, but I do covet those patterned ones!

If you're wanting a pattern, I love these bright, happy Keens.

P.S. Zappos isn't a sponsor. I just like the free shipping both ways and the selection.


  1. Great selection of shoes, you will love the Lucky wedges.

    1. Thanks! I think I needed my regular size, and they're more casual than I thought, but I do like them!

  2. Perfect topic, perfect timing. Thank you

  3. Great choices on the shoes! We especially love the yellow and orange ones. Happy early Easter friend and thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at

    1. Thanks, M&K! That's high praise coming from you two!

  4. I have the same issue! I find Bandolino to be a great work appropriate shoe that is naturally wider. Also, big Life Stride fan here.

    1. Yes! Bandolinos are a good one! I forgot about them! And I haven't worn Life Stride before, but you have my attention now! :)