Monday, April 14, 2014

Summer Dressing for Petites: Five Under $50

Summer Dressing for Petites: Five Under $50

When I go virtual shopping for you all, I try to think about my clients. I have many clients of different ages, shapes, heights, and lifestyles, and so I'm always on the hunt for items that will fit your needs. Recently I realized that I have neglected my petite readers for awhile so today's post is dedicated to universal styles with an eye toward places that carry good fitting petite clothing. For the rest of us, keep reading! I've linked up to some items that we can all look out for.

1. Printed Shorts

I had a pair of Banana Republic shorts like the draped pair above once, and they lasted for about eight years through bike rides, beach trips, and probably to work in the retail world. Banana is a good choice for many women because they offer various lengths and sizes 0-16. Also, they're not under $50 unless they're on sale, but their jeans are incredibly flattering. My mom (who is under the 5'4" petite length cutoff although she'll tell you that she's not!) recently got a pair and sent me several text messages about them! That's a red letter day! 

2. A Hi-Lo Where Everywhere Tank

Anthropologie's Jasper Henley Tank is longer in the back, works with a regular bra, and comes in a universally flattering coral/orange. This is instant cool in a shirt. Perfect for women who regularly wear jeans and a t-shirt but want to upgrade the t-shirt. Try this short sleeved version. Both available in petite sizing that keeps the proportions right.

3. A Straw Hat

Panama hats have been trendy for a few years, and this might be their last summer. I wouldn't recommend that you run out to buy one from JCrew for $58, for example. 
 But from Target for $12.74? I say go for it! Quick tip is to buy straw hats from the men's department. Check out stores like Target, Marshalls, Sears, etc. for great men's hats that are roomy enough to allow for the heat and skip the flowered bands that many women's hats seem to have lately. For petites, this may seem counter intuitive, but lots of the small men's sizes don't sell out and end up at discount stores. Perfect for those of us with small heads! While you're at Target, nab a straw fedora, too.

 4. A Beautiful Necklace that Goes with Everything

Etsy has some incredible jewelry, and Yokoo is no exception. Her styling is very high fashion, but her pieces, like this Five Moons Necklace, is actually very versatile and would nicely dress up a simple sundress or even cropped jeans and a tank. Simpler necklaces are coming back again (how many statements can one person make, after all?), but don't sacrifice beauty for simplicity! Try something like this incredible raw crystal necklace for a sweet, but still gorgeous, statement.

5. A Simple Dress to Fancy Up or Casual Down

In the summer, I mostly only want to wear dresses. For petites, the proportions can be tricky because some places just cut off inches from the bottom and claim it's a petite. Loft has done more thinking than that and takes into consideration a petite woman's waist line. Imagine that! I like this simple dress to wear with sneakers during the day and a wedge sandal at night.

For everyone moving into the summer months, petite or not, this is a good list of items to pack for a weekend trip! Add a favorite bathing suit, and you can mix and match for anything that comes your way!

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