Friday, April 11, 2014

Inspired By Joy the Baker

Inspired By Joy the Baker

Happy Friday afternoon. Ready for a little snack?

Espresso, Almond, and Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Pudding Cups.  I mean...come ON! Could anything sound more delicious if it tried?! No, Joy the Baker, no, it could not. Over here, though, I can't digest dairy, and I might actually bound through the ceiling like a cartoon character if I had espresso. So eating these is not in my future, although that doesn't stop me from making them and serving them to guests in my voyeuristic way.

Sorry, I'm getting distracted! After my mouth stopped watering over this image, the next thing that struck me was that it needed to be an outfit! It's beautiful, decadent, sweet and, yes, a little naughty. I love it.

Mix two parts sexy shoes.

 Stay sweet with polka dots.

Via Love21

Layer on creamy, curve-hugging fabric like it's custard.

Old Navy

Finally, for effect, sprinkle in an unexpected color like Joy did with the brighter checked napkin.

Kimono via H&M



  1. Could you just come live with me and pick out my outfits?! Lol. I'd love to have you go shopping with me. :)