Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Target Maxi Dress Roundup

Target Maxi Dress Roundup

Recently, I tried on nearly every maxi dress that Target had. I was heading out of town to meet my husband in Las Vegas before his week-long work conference there, and I love to pack long dresses for warm weather trips because they're easy and elegant. I tried on a few at Target, and here's what I thought!

This stripe was a nice weight and had a flattering scoop back. I liked that you could wear a regular bra with it, but it was too clingy around my waist. Yes, the darkest stripe hit my lower belly, but it was still too tight for me. If you are someone with a very flat stomach, it might be a nice choice for you!

This striped number had a racerback, which is less convenient for a regular bra, but I ended up getting it in navy blue anyway. I knew I'd wear this dress mostly over bathing suits anyway since the slit and thin fabric made it very casual. I thought the white was a bit more revealing and made me look vaguely pregnant (not pregnant, in case you were wondering), but the navy was better.

I also got this gorgeous gray one. I loved the back of it and the tie. When I wore it, I tied it higher up than I had here so it was less clingy.

This crazy chevron print was awesome! It sported a pretty scoop neck and sleeves. However, the fabric was noticeably polyester, and I just couldn't imagine wearing it in any kind of heat or humidity. 

And finally, the dress above was notable for its short sleeves and ability to wear any kind of bra. However, it was very very long, and I wouldn't have had the time to hem it. It was very comfortable, though, like a really long t-shirt.

Have any stores you'd like me to faux shop for you? Let me know!

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