Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The New Mom Jeans: A Guest Post

The New Mom Jeans: A Guest Post

It's me, Tahira back with a second edition of Mommy fashion! Spring has sprung here in Texas, and I need a new outfit that doesn't include skinny jeans and knee-high boots for my "home" days. I am sure that you lovely ladies up north will soon be slipping on your flip flops or summer sandals as well and that might mean time for new pants. Tight dark grey and black skinny jeans just don't say "flowers! and sunshine!" to me.

I embarked on a speedy trip to Nordstrom Rack during naptime recently and came away with a few wonderfully comfy and on-trend pieces. First up, a skirt that I almost went with. Comfy: check! Springy: check! Flattering: Not so much. I think I am supposed to be a good deal taller to get this to hit at the right spot. Tall Girls Club! This skirt is calling you.

Next up, there were a pair of AWESOME skinny jeans in a lovely sea-foam green with a leather (LEATHER!) navy blue tuxedo stripe. Honestly, from the front, these weren't so flattering. I am dying to own them but they seemed like a tight, thin, light-colored jean that requires shapewear. So, there goes the comfy or flattering requirements.

They claimed to make me one size smaller looking. Not so sure, since I didn't think they were flattering, but the stripe definitely helped! I think these might be worth trying on multiple pairs of this brand at a true Nordstrom with options.

I ventured out and found one additional option from the same designer: a sparkly silver jean. In the end, I felt pretty sure that light colored jeans just weren't meant for me at this time. But these sure are fun! (And comfy...did I say that already?)

Now, for the pair I ended up loving: army green harem pants. I am sad to look back now and see that the photo is not exceedingly flattering either, but I promise the pants are everything I ever wanted in my new "mom jeans". Comfy, flattering (photo be damned), fashionable, springy!

I love the detail on these pants. There is a zipper AND a pocket. (The zipper is on the front of the pants so you don't actually have to stick your hand in it!) Who could ask for anything more?

Thanks, Tahira! A few thoughts: mint green (or white) can be hard to pull off in a tighter fabric even in a flattering fit by Not Your Daughter's Jeans. Readers might look at the same style but in a darker color like a bright coral or poppy for spring/summer. For work, I like these B&W printed cropped pair, also from NYDJ. I think you made the right call on the skirt; it should hit you closer to the knee. What about trying a smaller size and pulling it up on the waist?

I love the pants you ended up with! Loft has a similar pair this season, and several casual options, including these, above. Thanks, Tahira!


  1. NYDJ are supposed to fit very snugg to get the figure enhancement advertised according to the fit expert at Nordstrom. They are for a specific body shape with a pronounced tummy and derriere. If you do not fit in that category, they just look dumpy or wrinkly. I must have tried on a million of them lured in by their pretty colors or interesting denim. Dad fact is the sizing is VERY consistent which is good but only if they fit you. Alas, they do not fit me.

    1. You're smart to try them on, Lynn! I recommend that with any jeans you're considering: take a wide variety in with you and try them on with a shirt you already own and love and with the shoes you'd usually wear with jeans. And a nice cup of something sweet!

  2. When buying Levi's jeans look at were they are made. Not all styles and sizes are the same depending on what country they were made in>