Tuesday, April 22, 2014

My Top 5 Posts of All Time

My Top 5 Posts of All Time

Recently I was checking my blog stats to see which posts have been the most popular. Since I regularly get new readers, I thought you might like to see what readers have liked (come back to, read, shared, pinned) in the past almost year of my writing this blog. Here are snippets of my Top 5 Blog Posts of all time!

1. Jeans and a T-shirt Upstyled

Today I'm talking about two of my favorite things: t-shirts and jeans! As my best friends and husband will tell you, I love t-shirts. I may have too many of them, actually, but this isn't about me! Right?

I have many clients, including Miss Mustard Seed, who are creative people who work for themselves and it makes most sense for them to dress casually and comfortably. I also have many clients who are active mothers and grandmothers, and they spend a lot of their time in casual, comfortable clothing, too. But, I think there is a way to be comfortable and wear what is actually (or essentially) a t-shirt and jeans and also reflect your personality and feel more polished. Here's how. Keep reading here.

2. The Post About Jennifer

Typically, my in-person client posts have less dramatic names, but I feel dramatic about this post and this client. Today's post is about Jennifer, my last client of 2013. If you follow me on instagram, you know that Jennifer was an incredibly special client.

To tell you about Jen, I first need to tell you that when I was driving to her house, I was more than a little worried that I was about to be kidnapped-or worse. Or at the very least punked. I take safety precautions before going into anyone's home, but on that day I had extra measures in place. You see, the email that Jennifer's husband sent to me (the day after Veterans' Day!) was, well, seemingly too-good-to-be-true. Here is an excerpt:

I am requesting a personal home and shopping experience for my wife.  She read about you on one of her favorite sites... Mrs. Mustard Seed.  Her 40th Birthday is December 9th and I am throwing her a surprise get together with a few friends on the 7th.  THE ONLY THING SHE WANTS FOR HER BIRTHDAY IS AN APPOINTMENT WITH YOU :)!
My wife is a very special person to everyone, but especially to me.  You see...I am a retired disabled vet.  I went through (and continue to suffer from) medical issues caused while serving.  Just diagnosing the issues was a long drawn out process that took years and let alone the surgeries to try and resolve them.  My wife, Jen, was by my side through it all.  I am sure you have heard stories like that before, but to be honest she was more than by my side.  She saved my life...just by being the most awesome and supportive friend I have ever had.  
This person went on to describe that his wife, Jennifer, is also active military. While he can no longer work, she continues to serve. He told me that they were soul mates. He told me that he wanted to have his family pool together money for me to take her personal shopping in lieu of any other gifts. He wanted to know if I would accept her as a client. Accept her!? If she was real, I would marry her! (Side note: I waived my fee and had Jen add it to her spending amount, which I only mention to tell you that Jen's response was to ask me if I would reconsider and make it a fund for another woman to get six hours with me. She's amazing.)

That is how I ended up meeting Jennifer on the weekend before Christmas. She was real, and this is how she looked when I arrived..Continue reading here.

3. Halloween Costumes for Women Who Don't Want to be Naked?

Today's post is a bit different than the usual. We're talking about a very specific type of clothing to put on our bodies today: costumes! I find what to wear for Halloween to be increasingly complicated: I'm past the point of "going out" like I once did to a club or dancing, but I still want a fun costume. Our neighbors throw the best Halloween party (they start decorating their home over Labor Day weekend), and, oh yeah, it's my birthday...Read the rest here.

4. Reader Q&A: How to Wear Jean Skirts

Earlier this week, I Kelley posted a question for me in the comments section of my post about fresh ways to wear jeans, and I loved it!

Hi! I've not been following for a real long time, and I immensely enjoy your great advice and tips.
I don't wear jeans, but I do wear jean skirts. Could you do a post on jean skirts?
Been wearing more belts, Kelley
I love this question because  I think jean skirts have the potential to be a very versatile piece of clothing for every age, but I also think they can go downhill fast. Here's why.

5. Reader Q&A: What to Wear While I'm Pregnant

Yesterday, my best friend talked about what to wear during early maternity-and beyond-from a mother's perspective. I haven't ever been pregnant (and am not currently, just in case you were curious! Did you wonder?), but I have what might be an abnormal interest in maternity fashion. I just think that pregnant women can get away with things that the rest of us can't when it comes to clothes, and I love that! And there's nothing that says that you must wear clothes from a maternity store while you're pregnant. So darlin', here' are the five questions to ask yourself. Find them here.

That's it! My Top 5 posts of all time. I notice that you all tend to like posts written in response to reader questions and posts that tell a good story like Jennifer's. So please do continue to ask me questions via email or in the comments because other women are thinking the same thing and want to hear an answer! Keep it comin'! 


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  1. I so wish maternity dressing had looked like this for my four babies. I always looked like a pilgrim with bows on my chest or butt- two places I didn't need accentuated! Love the jean skirt question- I am still a fan of those too :)