Friday, April 25, 2014

Reader Question: Where Can I Find Great Plus Size Beach Cover Ups?

Plus Size Beach Cover Ups and Extras

I recently had a friend ask about where to find cute beach cover ups in plus sizes. She also asked about swimsuits, and I'll be posting about that on Monday so tune back in for tips for women of all sizes!

As far as cover ups, we're all in luck! This summer may as well be called the Summer of the Kaftan. Or of the kimono, either way, it's happening in a big way. That means there are many, many options for cover ups that show off your personality.

If you're not sold on a particular look, the fact that they're trendy right now means you can try one out without spending a lot of money. Take a look at Forever21, for example, with gorgeous options like the cover up below. 

I also love this floral kimono by Asos, which you could easily wear off the beach, too! 

Or try a thin dress that can double as what you wear to dinner after a day in the sun (with sunscreen and a hat, of course!). This Asos dress has such a fun back, but the body wouldn't feel too clingy in the sun, while the print on this one just screams "Let's go to the beach!!"
Part of my friend's question was about skirts: to wear or not wear, what style, etc? I'd like to show an example from Lane Bryant.

 The woman on the left has her skirt tied straight across her hips, while the one on the right has it pulled up a bit to show the curve of her hips. She also has her skirt tied slightly toward the front. Both of these things are far more flattering than the blue on the left, and I'd recommend that you try a skirt tied up like the pink one. Both colors are fine (and I'd even like them swapped for a little contrast!), as are the solid colors, but it's amazing how different they look!

Want something a little less feminine? Try an oversized shirt style like this cotton dress shirt cover up. I love the idea of a nice soft shirt to put on in the middle of the day when the sun gets too hot or you're headed up the boardwalk to get an iced tea. Or what about this button front hoodie cover up?

Let's Talk Extras

I can't remember the last time I went to the beach or pool without a hat. I'm rarely without a straw fedora during the summer months everywhere I go, but that is especially true at the beach. I rely on them to help supplement my sunscreen and also to add a pop of personality. I also tend to get very messy hair while I'm swimming so a hat helps me transition back into the outside world. Here is a great hat from Asos.

If your hair won't be getting wet or tends to tame itself better than mine, this headband by Asos is another gorgeous option to bring personality and style to your bathing suit look.

I never really knew that Turkish bath towels were a thing until reading about them on, I think, Cup of Jo. I love the idea of using one of these light, bright towels at the beach or the pool. It would dry and roll up easily and could even double as a shawl for a chilly dinner outside. 

There is nothing that screams BEACH to me like a straw bag. When we've traveled to the beach in the past, I carry one as my carry on and then use it for the beach. There are cheaper versions than the ones above, of course, but these would be a long-lasting investment. My current version is from Target or Kohls, I think. If you go to the beach or farmer's market often, it might be worth it. The same goes for the gorgeous floppy straw hats from Garnet Hill: if you're outside a lot, it might be worth it to spend a bit more for the quality.

Water-Safe Accessories

My friend who asked me to talk about plus size beach options got a real kick out of me saying that I rarely go to the beach or pool without wearing jewelry. I guess that's weird? Either way, it's true! When I pack for a beach trip, I pack costume jewelry that I'll wear to the beach or by the pool. I do the same, laying out pieces along with each outfit, for the rest of the trip so why not for the wetter moments?

Of course, this is not the time for an antique or one-of-a-kind piece. Instead, I like to wear things that aren't expensive and that I wouldn't shed a tear over if (when) they ended up lost.

 I like to wear bigger earrings, like hoops, because they show under my hat. If you're going to be swimming vigorously or with kids, then take them off before getting in the water. You can also easily stack a wrist of braclets and wear them into the water, just be aware that they're not going to rust or tarnish. Try beads or plastic instead of metals. An anklet is an easy choice, and with this season's boho trend they're easy to find. My favorite spots for cheap accessories? World Market, Lou Lou Boutique, and Franchesca's.

Great question! Keep them coming!

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