Thursday, May 29, 2014

Building the Ultimate T-shirt Collection

Building the Ultimate T-shirt Collection

Image via Mikaela Hamilton Photography
I know, I know, I've talked about "nicer t-shirts" before and even recommended some of the same places I'll talk about here. But...I'm a bit of a t-shirt hoarder. There! I said it. And (don't I sound like I have a problem?) I can't help it! I love them. Therefore, I've become a bit of an expert at finding the perfect tees. I don't tend to spend a lot on each one because I want more than one favorite one; I have far too many plain white v-necks and can't get enough of them still; and I love a good neon for the summer. Here are some of my favorite sources for the perfect t-shirt.


What I look for in a t-shirt is that it starts off soft. I've often hoped that a stiff cotton would somehow morf into a soft favorite, but despite the overwashing it just hasn't happened. I've learned to pick something that's soft off the rack but still breathable. I still don't understand why some stores make adorable shirts in a polyester blend. That just sounds sticky to me!

Madewell is the queen of jeans, but they also make incredible, soft t-shirts that wear well and quickly become that favorite softness. Recently they came out with a linen blend tee that I adore (and is on sale!), but I'd recommend any of their t-shirts.


I also look for a plain t-shirt most of the time I'm shopping. Of course I have shirts with writing on them or stripes, but I've noticed that it's my solid shirts that I tend to reach for most often. I have not tried an Everlane shirt, but I want to! I hear such good things about their quality and love that they keep the prices down on what seem to be very high quality shirts. I'd love to try this U-neck since it's a departure from my usual V. 


Another thing that matters to me is being able to wear a normal bra underneath a tank or t-shirt. When I wear something this casual, I want to be able to put on a normal bra with straps and not worry about it showing underneath. For a dressier top, I'm happy to add a camisole underneath, but I don't want to be layered up when it gets hot out. I want to grab a tank and go!

Ok, so this vintage slub cotton  is technically a tank, not a tee. But, I have this in two colors and would literally wear it every day. I basically did in the Outer Banks last week, and I did laundry especially to keep wearing it! I love that it doesn't cling around the lower belly area, I love its length, I love the deep U neckline that's not too too deep, and I especially love it's softness. Oh, and that you can wear a normal bra with it! And it's on sale.

The Gap

The Gap tends to have fun colors, comes in petites and talls, has sizes XXS and XXL, and has embraced the jersey cotton blend that makes a great soft shirt.  While I do not like the "favorite tee" from Gap because I find it too stiff, I love the "essential tee" and own it in several (neon) colors. This and shorts is my summer uniform. Oh-and it's on sale!

I'm also intrigued by the Ballet Slub tee. Hmmm...might need to go try one on! It doesn't look like a great option for anyone who sweats a lot since those short sleeves look like they'd hit in exactly the wrong spot.

Happy t-shirt hunting! Let me know if I've missed any of your favorite spots for basic tees!


  1. I agree!!! T-shirts are a must-have....and I'm always hoarding and hanging onto the best-fitting ones.....

    1. YES! hoarding is a good word for what I'm doing, too...

  2. I live in t-shirts. It always makes me sad when one of my favorites wears out. Love me a graphic T. Trying to decide if I need to wait until Fall to do my next session.