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Mother of the Bride (or Groom) Dresses for the Moms I Actually Know

Mother of the Bride (or Groom) Dresses for the Moms I Actually Know

I remember a picture that I sent to my mom before I got married: it was of a page from a magazine, and it laid out what that magazine thought was "The Only Option" for "Modern Mothers." I sent it to my mom because we both found it hysterical. Who were these "modern mothers" and what happened to their style?! 

Here's the thing: I don't know any women who want to feel dowdy on their daughter or son's wedding day! The women I know who have a child getting married feel just like the other women I know--they want comfort, they want to feel special, and they might have certain parts of their bodies that they feel more or less comfortable with. For some reason, though, many articles and stores think that mothers want to wear one of about three dresses, all pastel and/or beaded, and all with a cropped jacket.

This is what a modern mama can look like! 

In case you, or your mother (or your spouse-to-be's-mother), want something better than that, let's chat. You see, I recently worked with a virtual client (she's in the midwest) whose daughters are getting married this summer, and she wanted some help with what to wear for their bridal showers, rehearsal dinners, and weddings. I'm going to share some of what I suggested to her over the next few weeks.

First, let's start with the main event. I think what any woman wears to the main event of a weekend, whether it's a wedding or a fun weekend away punctuated with a Broadway show, can help her mentally set the tone for the whole weekend. I don't say this to put pressure on anyone! In fact, the opposite! I think once you know what you'll wear for the most special part, the rest can just fall into place.

I'm going to break this down by sleeve length because most of the women I've worked with for weddings have had an idea in mind of how much arm (and/or leg) they wanted to show or cover up.

Cap Sleeves

Here is a similar lace dress with longer sleeves. Here is a better color for evening or winter with a really cool sleeve. Here is a better color for spring or summer. I love the idea of wearing these shoes for a little fun, too!
On a more casual note, this one or this one would be perfect for a picnic or summer City Hall wedding.


I love the idea of a dress like this with a light, airy jacket over your shoulders for if the event space is chilly or as the night winds down.

Here is a dress that is similarly full of sparkle and life but with a sleeve. For a more vintage or casual look, try Boden or Modcloth. I love this one! 

Long Sleeved

Belks, Dillards, and many others have similar portrait collared dresses, but this was the only picture I could get to save. I wouldn't recommend black unless it fits with the theme or is by request, but this style is timeless and very flattering.

Want something more casual but with sleeves? Boden has a few like this gorgeous dotted dress, this incredible spring lace dress with 3/4 sleeves,

Here's a similar one to that Gatsby-inspired sleeveless dress above, but this time with a dropped waist and sleeves. It's gorgeous.
If you want more ideas, I've got lots of them on my Mother of the Bride pinterest board, including wraps, light jackets, and things that go sparkle in the night! Or, you can always email me for a virtual shopping session! It's $25/hour, and I can set you up with outfits for rehearsal dinners, wedding outfits, and day-after-brunches. Don't fret.

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